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Increased Metabolic Capacity for Optimal Health

My reverse dieting program is structured towards the individual who may have trouble with gaining excess body fat post contest, due to metabolic adaptations. Metabolic adaptations occur during a series of prolonged low calorie dieting coupled with endless hours of low intensity caloric expenditure. The result of this post show is uncontrollable weight gain, which unfortunately is all to common in the fitness industry. I can help you reverse diet post contest to ensure minimal fat gain, maximal strength gain, and increased metabolic capacity.

Contest Preperations

For most Physique athletes the contest preparation process can be filled with contradicting opinions and confusion. As your contest prep coach I will help educate you and alleviate the guess work and guide you with my knowledgeable assistance based off of my experience as a competitor and judge. We will cover all aspects of your journey to the stage.

General Dieting and Nutritional Guidance

For individuals not interested in competing but seeking a healthy attainable lifestyle, I will create a personalized macro nutrient based dieting program. I utilize a flexible dieting technique that will not place limitations on food choices and will help create a healthy relationship with food. My dieting approach will allow you the flexibility to enjoy the foods you choose while still attaining your desired goals.

Offseason/Improvement Season

One of the challenges we face as competitive physique athletes is what to do after a contest or series of contests? This process must be executed very slowly, in order to ensure minimal fat gain and maximal metabolic activation. The reverse dieting approach typically takes a fair amount of time, after being in a caloric deficit pre contest. This is also a vital time to pick up your training intensity and improve your physique as you are constantly in a mild surplus of calories. The offseason prepares your body to diet for the contest; shows are won in the offseason.

Other Services
  • Posing Consultations
  • Phone/In Person Consultations
  • Individualized Training Programs
Bikini Posing & Stage Presentation Consulting

Ammanda Bucci Amanda Bucci will be providing the posing and stage presence consulting for female clients of Metabolic Evolution Inc. Stage presence is a very important part of competition day - almost as important as the physique you bring to the stage. Being able to confidently present yourself and showcase your best assets on stage is imperative, and takes practice! Posing coaching services will include teaching you how to come up with stage routine that will showcase your strengths and leave you feeling confident! She will be going over the basic poses of the Bikini division, how to perform transitions and make your routine smooth, and also the in's and outs' of EXACTLY what you will be doing when you step on stage. She will also include guidance on choosing a suit, a suit color, tips for hair, make up, tan, shoes - everything that goes into your stage look!

Prices (not restricted to time):
Initial Session - $70
Initial Session + 2nd Session - $125
Each Additional Session - $50

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