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  • Layne Norton

    When I got into the fitness industry I was really naive as to how may BAD coaches were out there. This industry is littered with people who have no education, no integrity, and are... Read More

  • Tanya Fournier Grazione

    Read More

  • Amanda Bucci

    Before finding William, I had coached myself through a couple of bikini competitions and attempted to adjust my own macros and cardio through my best estimations. I thought it had... Read More

  • Karina Gardano

    Will has helped me achieve my goals in a healthy and sustainable way. I would refer him to anyone. Why? He is extremely knowledgeable, responsive, compassionate, professional, enc... Read More

  • Blair Bailey

    Since starting my program with coach, I have found it amazingly encouraging and beneficial to have such a knowledgeable and realistic source of support from William Grazione. After... Read More

  • Kristina Angeli

    'Healthy' is not typically a compliment you receive when on stage at a bodybuilding competition, but it is the compliment that mattered most to me (and I would argue William) when I... Read More

  • Altara Warren

    I literally just started competing last year. I did three competitions and was awarded my pro card at my 3rd show. For a rookie in the game, that is a very quick and rare climb to... Read More

  • Jeremy Coleman

    In the spring of 2015, I made the decision to return to the bodybuilding stage after a 3 year hiatus. I reached out to William and he responded back to me agreeing to take me on as... Read More

  • Diana Puentes

    My whole fitness journey started in 2013 when I decided to compete in the NPC as a bikini competitor. Long story short had a terrible experience with starvation and extreme diets... Read More

  • Stephanie Tsui

    I am truly lucky to have found Coach William. I came to him in June 2014 feeling discouraged after working with a coach who gave me a cookie cutter “clean” meal plan and an extreme... Read More

  • Joey Recktenwald

    I approached William in 2013 after coming off a consecutive two-year competition spree in the NPC. After competing at the level I was at, I knew that there had to have been a more... Read More

  • Ryan Hoosemen

    Coach William took me on as a client about 6 months out from my Provincial show. Through a healthy approach comprised of eating right and lifting big I was able to reach my best ... Read More

  • Lex Kovacs

    Over the past 11 years of my weightlifting and training career, I have trained with a very diverse range of trainers and coaches. Many of them taught me incredible things but none... Read More

  • Nick Joy

    Before working with Will, I was a very strict "clean eater". I was prepping for my first professional bodybuilding show using my old meal plan that my previous coach had given me for... Read More

  • Mark Young

    Working with William has been amazing. He has been instrumental in taking my physique to a whole new level and he is very passionate about taking care of his clients. He has devoted... Read More

  • Mason Kernan

    My time with Will has been nothing short of life changing! Not only did he help guide me to getting into the best physical shape to date, but more importantly the valuable knowledge... Read More

  • Brittany Lesser

    When I decided I wanted to finally prep for a bikini competition, I knew I needed a good coach that not only knew what they were doing, but truly cared about their clients health as... Read More

  • Brittney Stracener

    I'd like to first mention that William truly is a great coach. He lives and breathes the lifestyle and is constantly looking for new goals to hit on his personal journey. With every... Read More

  • Corina Nielsen

    Working with William was one of the best things I ever did for my overall health and body. As an average mother and wife who does not compete in bodybuilding or power lifting, he... Read More

  • Danielle Lagow

    I've been a personal trainer for about 2 years now and got into lifting & competing around 3 years ago. When I first decided to do a show I had been lifting for only a few months... Read More

  • Kelly Klassen

    I Will start off by saying that working with William has not only been a very fun and positive experience, but also one of the smartest moves I have made as an amateur bodybuilder... Read More

  • Hannah Wallace

    I first started lifting my senior year of high school. I was instantly hooked! I also started to change my diet at that point and I lost 20lb! I wasn't eating nearly enough though. I... Read More

  • Tyler Creighton

    I’m Tyler Creighton. On March 10, 2012, I weighed almost 400 lbs and I was over 60% body fat. I was able to crash diet down to around 185 and 22% body fat with almost no carbohydrates... Read More

  • Colton Heckart

    I have been working with William Grazione for the past four months and in that time I have increased my calories by almost 1,200 post contest prep. Also, I have only gained a few pounds... Read More

  • Joey Giacolone

    I've been lifting weights and working out most of my adult life struggling with the same routine. With no guidance advances were coming slow; and becoming strong & shredded seemed... Read More

  • Bryce Williams

    Mens Physique Overall Champion at the 2013 OCB Florida West Coast Classic Read More

  • Chad Carandang

    I started lifting weights at the age of 16 and immediately fell in love with it. It became hard to stay out of the gym, as my passion for fitness grew, and I soon began lifting 5-6 days... Read More

  • Hussein Daher

    From as I far as I can go back, working out has always been a passion of mine. Entering the gym is walking into my world, barricading my social life, school life, and work life... Read More

  • Jenn Rotsinger

    I have been using William Grazione's nutritional advice for the past six months. In that time, I have lost an inch from my waist and hips, increased my caloric maintenance from 1,500... Read More

  • Andrew Reeder

    I started working with William in January 2013. At that time, I was transitioning from focusing primarily on strength training in the gym simply for physical fitness, to the sport of... Read More

  • Marco Dalabona

    William not only helped me achieve my professional status but also opened my eyes to a much more efficient and healthier way to manage my contest preparation. I first met William... Read More

  • Max Johnston

    I have had the pleasure of working with William Grazione, for the past four months and what an awesome experience it has been. I contacted Mr. Grazione with the intention of getting... Read More