Spironolactone Belly Fat (Is It Effective?)

spironolactone belly fat

Spironolactone belly fat is a misunderstanding that spironolactone is effective in weight loss. Health is one of the essential factors in our lives.

If anyone neglects a healthy lifestyle, the consequences may have long-term effects where one would end up being hospitalized or losing his life. Hence good health gives our bodies the strength to carry on our daily lives.

Although we can get sick if we have lived well and adhered to a healthy lifestyle, our immune systems become strong and fight against viruses.

Nevertheless, some people would seem strict on a diet and fail to exercise or vice versa. Further, this results in a compromised immune system because our bodies need to balance diet and exercise.

We must keep eating healthy and exercising regularly to make our bodies strong. However, there are times when we eat unhealthy foods and laze around all day. These habits may cause us to gain fat all around our bodies.

Further, the term “spironolactone” is defined. Therefore this article reviews: first, the relationship between spironolactone and belly fat.

Second, how to burn subcutaneous belly fat? Third, how to burn visceral/stored belly fat? Fourth, what are the seven ways to burn belly fat? Lastly, the summary and conclusion.

What is the Relationship Between Spironolactone and Belly Fat?

Spironolactone is a diuretic pill that allows the body to flush excessive water. Health professionals say that this diuretic pill is primarily to treat water retention in the body.

This, in turn, makes us feel and see weight loss. However, this weight loss does not include fat reduction. Consequently, belly fat remains in your body, causing you to have almost the same weight as before. 

Further, spironolactone is generally used to treat patients with aldosterone, heart problems, and high blood pressure. In one of the studies, the researchers compared the effectiveness of nandrolone decanoate and spironolactone’s influence on body composition and regional body fat distribution.

The findings were that all the participants lost weight. Nevertheless, the effects of these exogenous androgens differed. For example, nandrolone decanoate participants lost significant body fat compared to spironolactone participants.

However, this substantial fat loss was notable in abdominal fat while there was a visceral fat gain. On the other hand, spironolactone participants did not lose significant subcutaneous fat, although they lost weight also.

Therefore, the confusion behind “spironolactone belly fat” may be due to the misunderstanding of the difference between nandrolone decanoate and spironolactone. Also, it is probably that people always think that when someone loses weight, they also lose fat.

How to burn subcutaneous belly fat?

There are lots of fat belly burner ways in our industry today. By simply eating balanced healthy meals and regularly exercising, you may shed off a few pounds of subcutaneous belly fat.

Health experts suggest that the top fat belly burner is physical activities such as aerobic activity.

Aerobic exercise includes walking, running, and many other physical activities that could increase heart rate. They also say that an additional fat belly burner is strength training such as lifting weights. 

Read more on the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise here.

How to Burn Visceral/Stored Belly Fat?

Visceral/stored belly fat are fats that surround our internal organs like the intestines, liver, and stomach. This type of fat can also be called active fat, as it poses health problems.

The number one stored fat belly burner, as experts suggest, is daily cardio and strength exercises for at least 30 minutes.

They also indicate that a faster stored fat belly burner is biking, running, or circuit training. Professionals also suggest that a healthy diet can significantly reduce visceral fat.

Read more about the effects of the keto diet on weight loss here.

What are the seven ways to Burn Belly Fat?

1. Healthy and balanced meals

The most effective way to burn or reduce belly fat is by consuming healthy, and balanced meals. In addition, this also improves one’s overall health. Healthy meals consist of vegetables and fruits and complex carbohydrates.

By also consuming high amounts of lean protein, you may see your body losing belly fat. We must also note that we should stay away from fatty foods and refined carbohydrates.

2. Consume high amounts of soluble fiber

Soluble fiber is a type of fiber that absorbs water that slows down food during digestion. As the soluble fiber absorbs water, it turns into a thick and gelatin-like form. This goes down in our digestive system and allows us to reduce hunger factors making us feel full.

Studies suggest that this type of fiber proves to reduce the absorption of calories in our bodies. In addition, it also blocks fats which will reduce and prevent belly fat.

3. Stay away from trans fats

Trans fats are the type of fats that contain trans fatty acids. This type of fat can make us more fat when compared to other foods with the same calories. Studies have also shown that this type of fat is highly linked to an increase in belly fat.

Professionals also say that trans fats can move fat from other parts of the body to the belly. So, a good tip is to stay away from trans fats like baked goods and fried foods to reduce belly fat.

4. Reduce alcohol consumption

Alcoholic drinks have lots of calories in them, which majorly increases fat in our belly. Besides, people drink many alcoholic beverages in one sitting, especially during parties, gatherings, and other festive activities.

This is one of the reasons why it contributes so much to our belly fat. Studies about alcohol consumption suggest that it is linked to belly fat increase or high waist measurement. With this, we should reduce alcohol consumption to cut off some of our belly fat.

5. Reduce consumption of sugary foods

In our everyday lives, we consume foods that taste good to satisfy both hunger and cravings. One of these foods is sugary foods which is the primary source of weight gain for most people. Some people use these foods as comfort foods and thus actually gain more weight.

As these types of foods contain many calories, it contributes significantly to abdominal fat. Sugary foods are, most of the time, unavoidable. Still, we must be concerned about our health and reduce our consumption of these.

6. Cardio exercises

Doing cardio exercises is the best way to reduce and prevent belly fat accumulation. Cardio activities such as running and walking can burn calories effectively, especially when partnered with a healthy diet.

The scientific pieces of evidence back these exercises in shedding belly fat. However, experts suggest that frequent movements are better than intensity exercises. This means that you should prioritize daily exercise more than high-intensity exercises with day intervals.

7. Strength training and enough rest

Compared to cardio exercises, strength training is high-intensity workouts that promote muscle growth rather than weight loss.

High-intensity workouts also shed fat but do not mean it will reduce the same amount on the scale. This, however, dramatically reduces the amount of fat in your body, including belly fat.

On the other hand, combining the two workouts will have more benefits than focusing on one type of workout. People who want to get a tremendous muscular shape and less belly fat may try strength training such as weight lifting.

The most important thing about burning belly fat is to keep your body healthy. We burn belly fat to be in shape.

However, we need an adequate amount of rest for our body to cope with all the stress, workouts, and other external factors that contribute to belly fat.

Studies suggest that not getting enough rest adds up to weight gain and additional belly fat. It also shows that many people who lack sleep gain more weight often than those with adequate sleep.


This article has advocated the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Further, the studies found that there is no relationship between spironolactone and losing belly fat.

Besides, there is no scientific evidence of spironolactone being effective in reducing body fat, except that body may lose too many liquids.

Therefore, “spironolactone belly fat” has been ruled out. Also, a strict diet and exercise do prevent visceral and subcutaneous fat can be prevented. Moreover, the article provided seven possible ways that can help on reducing belly fat.

In conclusion, a healthy diet and exercise are a must for a healthy lifestyle and boosting the immune.

It should be everyone’s duty to take care of their health while we can still prevent too much fat on our bodies. In the wish of the article writer, everyone should be responsible for these temporary bodies while we still can. Let’s get started!

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