Anaerobic Metabolism and Its health Benefits

Jogging is one of an example of anaerobic metabolism

What is Metabolism? Metabolism refers to the procedure through which our bodies break down the food we consume to form compounds used by the body cells for energy. Our body secretes enzymes meant to break down nutrients into proteins, sugar, or fats. These proteins can be then used by the cells anaerobically or aerobically to […]

Nature Metabolism and Its Impact Factor

What is Nature Metabolism? Nature metabolism is an online journal that has been publishing online monthly from the year 2019, January. Notably, this online journal is concerned with quality research from the different fields of metabolism studies. Usually, it integrates all the projects of the basic scientists and the researchers in this industry. Thus, a […]

Nature Walk:7 Benefits For Your Health

Going for nature walks is good for your physical and mental health. You can use it to connect with family
and friends or educate your children. The only questions you need to answer are when in the day you’d like
to go for your walk and where you’d like to go.