Do Perms Cause Hair Loss? (What is the Cause)

do perms cause hair loss

Perms, as the name suggests, are long-lasting. A chemical technique permanently alters the shape of curly hair. Perm wraps straight hair around rollers or rods, and a hairdresser sprays the solution into the hair. But do they cause hair loss?

While perms can make your hair beautiful, we have noticed that if you do a perm at home and you live the cream on your hair for a long period, it can burn your scalp, and you lose hair. Of course, this might be the opposite when done by a professional hairdresser. However, in the long term, it might be harmful.

Digital perms or digital perms are the terms used to describe this procedure. However, perming might cause hair loss because of the breakdown of the hair shaft rather than the follicles.

This is because perms weaken and dry out the hair, leaving it more prone to breakage. On the other hand, the person doing your hair straight can wrap your hair around hot metal bars to trigger a perm, causing heat to remodel your hair follicles.

It is possible that the timing of your perm coincided with the commencement of female pattern hair loss in the case of this condition. 

Do Perms Cause Hair Loss Damage Forever?

If your hair is virgin or unprocessed, you are not at risk. A common belief is that perms would cause hair loss, damage, and dryness. However, this is not always the case.

A perm can be dangerous if you have bleached or lightened hair. Therefore it’s best to go to a professional. If you have dyed your hair or bleach, you should always perm them. Protect your hair with this method, which will be less damaging.

Cold perms are more harmful than hot perms (also known as acid perms) (or alkaline perms). Hot perms are a great option if you have damaged or bleached hair. Perms have a bad rap because of the harsh chemical scent and possible hair damage.

“Permanent wave” or other chemical treatments can severely affect many women. Some persons experience considerable hair loss as a result of perms. Before deciding to perm or relax your hair, be aware of the possible side effects.

How Do I Keep My Hair From Falling Out After A Perm?

how do I keep my hair from falling out after a perm

Stop hair loss with this all-natural supplement.

Perms will not cause hair loss, but they can increase your risk. Suppose you relax your hair using a chemical that contains lye. In that case, it can produce a burn that damages hair follicles if it is left on your scalp for an extended period.

Hair thin and brittle hair is particularly resistant to perming, so don’t expect your perm to last very long. As with any perm solution, choosing one that’s both delicate and strong is best.

Using the correct hair supplements, you can expect your hair to grow back at about 4 cm each month. Yes, if you’re referring to hair regrowth after a root break. Gradually cut it off after your hair has grown out of the perm. Faster transitions occur when the hair is shorter.

If your scalp is still visible despite your volumized hair, solutions can help cover it up. With hair-building fibers available in various colors, you may cover up thinning hair, scalp lines, and bald spots to give your hair the appearance of fullness.

Keratin, the protein found in natural hair, is used to make products like Toppik. The wild static charge of our Hair Building Fibers binds them firmly to the hair, allowing them to build it up.

Because the fibers are made of Keratin, they mix seamlessly into the hair and are virtually undetectable! Many counterfeit goods contain Keratin, derived from plant-based materials like cotton or rayon, which can result in clumpy or unnatural hair.

Be aware of this while using Keratin. For the most natural combination, look for Keratin that has been produced from a natural wool source when searching for Hair Building Fibers.

Do Perms Cause Hair Loss Damage?

Even though perms are less damaging to hair than bleach, the improper application can still result in hair damage. When you perm your hair, the chemical links in your hair are destroyed and reconstructed.

The harsh chemicals on your hair can cause extra damage if you don’t take adequate care of it. Damage to your hair is more likely to occur as a result. In addition, excessive perming might cause harm to the hair follicles.

Seek out a hairdresser who has worked with curly or kinky hair and prioritizes your hair and scalp’s health. After a relaxer treatment, your hair and scalp are at risk if you have any following symptoms.

Do Perms Not Cause Hair Loss For Thinning Hair?

Consider the texture and length of your hair when picking a perm style. Hair thin and brittle hair is particularly resistant to perming, so don’t expect your perm to last very long.

As with any perm solution, choosing one that’s both delicate and strong is best. A person’s thinning hair isn’t getting sparser; it’s also getting thinner. The diameter is typically getting smaller as well.

Fine hair is prone to breakage. Different hair textures can benefit from acid-balanced and alkaline perm solutions, generating body and curl while relaxing and hydrating the hair. If you want a curl or body wave, perm rods are typically used, depending on the length of the hair.

How Can I Stop My Hair From Falling Out After A Perm?

Stylists know the finest products to use based on your hair’s health. Do not brush your hair or scratch your head the day before your appointment with a hairdresser.

With this, your hair follicles will be less vulnerable to chemical burns. Light creams might help keep your hair from breaking after a perm. All hair eventually falls out, but only the strongest ones will be left.

There is a secret gold mine of ethnic hair care products out there! Avoid products containing alcohol and heat-styling gels. Keep your hair healthy and hydrated by washing it with a moisturizing shampoo and applying a quality conditioner afterward.

The conditioner will penetrate the cuticle if you sit under a hairdryer or in direct sunshine. At high temperatures, you should not use curling irons and hair dryers. Eating healthily and supplementing your diet with potent hair vitamins is critical.

Vitamins like biotin and vitamin H can improve your hair, skin, and nail health H. Supplementing with biotin is a viable option for growing their hair.

Biotin-rich foods include egg yolk, almonds, nut butter, bananas, and whole grains. Take a hot shower, and you’ll ruin your hair’s health and elasticity, so avoid it.

Hot wat or steam can result in hair becoming brittle and more likely to break and fall out. While it may be a challenge when it’s icy outside, try to rinse your hair with cold water – we know this isn’t easy, but your hair will thank you for it.

Will My Hair Grow Back After A Bad Perm?

A perm breaks down the protein connections in the follicle and strand using heat and chemicals. Using these chemicals might permanently harm the hair follicles, resulting in hair never growing again.

A Color Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner is helpful to clean and moisturize your hair if you want to erase the effects of a perm. Allow the treatment to sit for several hours before removing the shower cap.

You don’t need to wash your hair immediately if you want to use this overnight. Perming is, by nature, a drying operation, and as a result, it can weaken and break hair if done incorrectly.

Consequently, the hair becomes brittle and falls out in bald spots. A positive aspect of this hair loss is that new strands will grow again.

Can Perms Damage Hair Follicles?

Hair follicles are damaged during a perm, and as a result, your hair’s natural shape is lost. However, a perm can alter the structure of the hair follicles permanently.

A perm breaks down the protein connections in the follicle and strand using heat and chemicals. Using these chemicals might permanently harm the hair follicles, resulting in hair never growing again. Overusing the substances or incorrect mixing might permanently damage your hair and follicle.

When a chemical burn to the scalp occurs, the hair follicle is damaged because it cannot create new hair strands, resulting in a scar. Hence permanent hair loss results from this procedure.

This type is the least common when it comes to perm-related hair loss. Using perm solutions that contain harsh chemicals might cause hair damage if done incorrectly.

There is minimal room for error when introducing new chemicals to your hair. When you perm your hair, you risk chemical burns, dry hair, breakage, etc. You need to know how current perms operate if you want to know how much damage they can do to your hair.

How To Regrow Hair After A Perm

Taking the appropriate hair growth supplements would be the most straightforward technique. Using the correct hair supplements, you can expect your hair to grow back at about 4 cm each month.

Due to this, your hair may grow faster. Also, steer clear of styling tools like straighteners and blow dryers. Don’t smoke or drink, and get enough sleep and exercise.

Try a moisturizing shampoo and a high-quality conditioner. Curling irons and blow dryers that generate heat should be avoided.

Sit under a hairdryer if you want to get your conditioner into the cuticle. Alternatively, you can go outside and have the sun. I eat well and supplement my regimen with hair vitamins that do the trick.

I used rogaine, which worked for me, so you may want to give it a shot. After rinsing your conditioner, apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair, scalp, and shower. 

Oils for hair care are our favorite because they can provide various benefits to the hair. Vitamin E, proteins, and minerals abound in castor oil, which also possesses anti-microbial characteristics that benefit hair.

In addition to softening and moisturizing the hair, Castor Oil can increase blood flow to the scalp, resulting in faster hair growth.

Although this oil is heavy and difficult to remove, consistent application should result in thicker, more moisturized hair with a beautiful sheen.

Apply castor oil to your scalp, run it through your hair, leave it overnight, and wash it the next day with a light shampoo.

Perm To Hide Thinning Hair

Perming can be destructive, resulting in hair loss due to chemical assault. However, we believe the acid perm you suggest will have the most negligible impact on hair. This is necessary to have a similar pH level to the hair’s natural pH.

However, many women (and men) have to deal with the problem of thinning hair daily, which many wish they could avoid. In addition to age, over-processing, over-stressing, and using the wrong products are all possible causes of hair loss.

Use a volumizing shampoo to battle limpness and inflate the hair to disguise thinning hair. Avoid shampoos that contain alcohol and sulfates, which can wreak havoc on hair follicles and contribute to thinning and thinning.

Before blow-drying, work a volumizing mousse through your hair to create extra volume. If you can’t pronounce any ingredients in the products you’re considering, steer clear of them.


Losing your hair because of a perm might be the tip of the iceberg. Professional perms should not cause hair loss or damage if correctly done.

However, a lousy perm might cause hair loss and thinning if the person doing it isn’t doing it correctly. As mentioned earlier, overusing the chemicals or incorrect mixing might permanently damage your hair and follicle.

Also, one should note that it all goes with a person’s health. Hence it is vital to visit a dermatologist when experiencing such a problem.

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