Does Losing Weight Make Your Penis Bigger?

If you have gained weight, especially around the abdomen area, you will feel like your penis is shrinking. But does it this mean losing weight increase the size of a penis?

While losing weight in a healthy manner is the right thing to do, in no way this can make your penis bigger. Your penis size will remain the same. However, if you have a big belly you might see your penis like it’s small, whereas when your belly was small you could easily see it.

Nowadays, people are conscious of their health and body appearance. Being overweight remains the most prominent health concern in the world. A majority of people know having excess weight leads to serious health issues. Though very few individuals know that it also affects penis size.

So, how is penis size related to being overweight? Does losing weight make your penis bigger? In this article, I will be answering all these questions. Let’s dive in! Keep reading the article to get well-detailed information.

What Is The Actual Size of a Penis?

What Is The Actual Size of a Penis

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Before answering the question, does losing weight make your penis bigger? It is essential to know the average size of a penis. Whether or not you know the average size, you wondered about it at some point.

Many men wonder if their penis size is adequate. Research shows that most men believe that their penis is small. However, this is not true. It is an illusion that destroys the confidence of men. The pressure on men to have bigger penis comes from women. Women seem to like and enjoy sex with men with bigger penis.

Studies from the National Health Service indicate that the average size of an erected penis is 5.16 inches. The typical average size of a penis is 3.6 inches. Only five percent of men have a penis size below the average. A penis size that is below average measures less than ten centimeters.

Does Losing Weight Make Your Penis Bigger?

Does Losing Weight Make Your Penis Bigger

Does your penis get grow when you lose weight? There is not so much you can do to make your dick bigger. Temporarily you can continue to believe that your dick is bigger by either injecting stem cells or using penis pumps. Lengthwise your penis will remain the same length.

If you want a long-term change and a real one, there is one thing you can do, lose weight. Losing weight will give the illusion that your dick is bigger. You will feel this or visualize it because after losing weight, the shaft of your penis becomes more exposed.

Shedding excess weight, especially in the pelvic area (suprapubic), will make your penis appear longer because it will become more visible or exposed. Moreover, becoming thinner will not make your dick appear bigger if you are thin. However, if you are overweight and lose excess weight, you feel like your penis has become bigger.

Therefore losing weight does not make your penis bigger. The shedding of excess weight in your body makes the shaft more exposed. As a result, you will visualize your penis being bigger, but it is only an illusion.

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What Does Being Overweight Do To Your Body?

What Does Being Overweight Do To Your Body

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Good and satisfactory sex relieves stress. It improves your physical and mental health. Most men are concerned about their penis size, especially when having sex. All men desire a larger dick and last longer when having sex.

However, being overweight leads to many health issues. Excess weight affects how you see your penis and leads to various penis health issues. For example, excess weight in your pelvic area can lead to infections. Moreover, if you do not get the appropriate treatment, it may lead to cancer and multiple diseases.

Obesity does not impact your dick size; however, it causes damage to your penis health. When you are overweight, you may lose potency which eventually leading to erectile dysfunction.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is when the excess fat in your pelvic area removes strength from your blood vessels. When your blood vessels lose their power, they become weak, and you will not have strong and full erections.

So when your penis erects, the penis size reduces compared to its length in the past. Therefore it is vital to maintain or control your body weight. If you start gaining weight, you need to take steps to reduce weight.

You can try the different weight loss diets or exercises and keep tracking your weight loss journey. If you try all these tips and they do not work, you should visit a doctor. The doctor will run some tests and determine the treatment. Most of the time, erectile dysfunction is treated by surgery.

Buried Penis Due to Not Losing Weight

In extreme cases, when your body cannot support the penis because of the body fat, it will be absorbed into the body. Such a condition is called a buried penis. Most of the time, it is caused by obesity. However, it can be caused by other conditions. The conditions include lymphedema, lichenoid disorder, and connective tissue disorder.

You can be born with a buried penis in rare cases; however, it is often acquired. The remedy for a buried penis is finding the condition’s root cause. You can try to lose weight if it is because of excess weight. However, in some cases, surgical intervention is the best option.

So, if you have a buried penis, visit a doctor first. The doctor will test you and determine the best solution for your case. Surgery is not always the solution. You may only need to lose several pounds around the pelvic area.

Apart from these two conditions, some other conditions will come with weight gain, such as:

1. Low self-esteem

If you have a buried penis or are overweight, this affects your self-confidence. When your confidence level is down, it affects your entire life. It will lead to depression, anxiety, and stress. Moreover, being overweight could signify you are depressed already because you have a buried penis.

Studies show that being overweight makes you want to be alone because you feel ashamed of your weight. Furthermore, you will share away from crowds because you fear being judged.

2. Reduced stamina

When you are overweight, it does not mean you are unfit. The overall health of overweight people continues to decline as they gain more weight. However, many fat people or obese have reduced stamina. Therefore, if your cardio output decreases, you can be sure your sexual performance will reduce. You will be struggling during coitus.

3. Loss of sensation

If you become overweight, there is a high chance of losing sensation in your penis. The excess fat from the gut will be squashing your penis nerve endings. Studies show that the penis has four thousand sensory nerve endings. In contrast, the clitoris has nine thousand sensory nerve endings.

Loss of sensation in your penis will make you not enjoy sex well. The more the feeling during sex, the better. The sensation makes coitus enjoyable, and erections last longer. So, if you are overweight, you will not be able to experience this.

4. Skin problems

When you are overweight, your penis becomes trapped in the sweat folds of your hot skin. The dangerous thing about this is that it will lead to bacteria breeding and infections. The possible infections include tinea cruris, crotch rot, and thrush.

Regular cleaning is vital for your body, and pay special attention to your genitals if you are fat. Therefore if you are overweight, you must ensure that your genitalia does not become infected with such disease. Doing this will ensure at least you save yourself from infections.

5. Circulation problems

When you are overweight, blood circulation in your body becomes hindered by fat. Therefore blood circulation in your penis drops, and if you do not lose weight, eventually, you will have erectile dysfunction.

Apart from erectile dysfunction, you are at risk of heart disease, stroke, or high blood pressure. Therefore, you may not have erectile dysfunction, but you might be at risk of the above diseases. Weight loss is essential; it improves blood circulation and oxygen in your body.

That said, weight loss can help boost your sexual health depending on how many pounds you weigh. For example, when you are overweight, it contributes to lower testosterone levels in your body.

The testosterone levels will return to normal and improve your libido when you lose weight. Moreover, your energy levels will be high, and your mood will improve.

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Losing Weight Fat Around Your Penis?

For you to lose weight, you need to reduce the number of calories you take. Controlling your calories will help reduce fat. You can begin with having a five hundred to a thousand calorie deficit in your diet per day. It will translate to losing a pound each week.

Besides controlling calories intake, you also need to choose high-quality foods. Moreover, these foods should be unprocessed. Consuming processed foods will lead to overeating which results in weight gain.

You should choose food rich in fiber. It will speed up your digestion and feel full for an extended period. Furthermore, you can select foods such as legumes and veggies to increase fiber intake. Adding minerals and vitamins such as calcium, omega three, and vitamin C will help reduce weight.

Exercise for Losing Weight and Improve Your Penis Size?

Exercise for Losing Weight and Improve Your Penis Size

You can also exercise to reduce weight. Exercising helps burn fat in the body. You can do exercises such as leg raising, reverse crunches, and scissor kicks to reduce fat in the abdominal area. Moreover, you need to combine full-body exercises with targeted body part exercises.

Targeted exercises like anti-rotation, hanging leg, and planks build strength in your belly button and pubic bone region. These exercises will help burn fat in your pubic area. It strengthens your bone but also improves your pelvic muscles’ strength.

Exercising will help reduce your body fat. If your body has more lean mass, the less fat you will have in your body. Muscles need more calories than the amount of fat in your body, causing you to burn all the fat in the body.

You should have four or four training sessions for a week. You must select workouts that will address muscle groups such as your legs, hips, shoulders, arms, chest, and back.

Moreover, working out within your limits would be best, provided you progress. You can also look for a training coach to ensure the coach helps you reach your weight loss goal.

How to Eliminate and Reduce Fat in Your Pubis By Medicine?

Reducing the amount of fat will help for better stimulation and penetration during sex with your partner. There are medicinal ways to reduce the amount of fat in your pubic area. Furthermore, the therapeutic techniques involve non-surgical methods that help reduce fat levels in the pubis area.

The medical way of reducing fat in your pubis involves a combination of the following techniques:

1. Is monopolar radiofrequency good for losing weight and fat around your penis?

Electromagnetic waves act on your collagen, local fibroblasts, and circulation. Your skin will experience a tensor effect on the pubis area, making you tone and young.

2. Cavitation for losing weight fat around the penis

It involves using low-frequency ultrasound that will destroy adipocytes. Adipocytes are cells containing fat. Therefore, this process empties the pubis fat, and no surgical scar will be left.

3. Lymphatic drainage massage

It improves the circulation of adipose that was not captured during cavitation. The circulated fats are eliminated in the body through urine. Lymphatic drainage massage helps enhance the circulation of blood around the pubic area.

The massage improves your erections, making them more powerful and lasting longer. Moreover, better oxygenation of your penile tissues leads to increased sensitivity in your penis. Increased sensitivity makes sex more satisfying and pleasant.

4. Applying lipolytic cream

It is a cream that helps in the lymphatic drainage massage. Also, it helps in the elimination of pubic fat. It makes the massage relaxing and comfortable.

5. Liposculpture your Pubis

Liposculpture involves modeling the adipose around the pubic area through liposuction. The pubic area is where fat or adipose accumulates in large volumes. Fat accumulation can lead to discomfort and may need to be surgically removed.

Liposuction allows you to remove the excess fat in the pubic area. Therefore liposculpture is the evolution of liposuction because it uses microcannulas to remove fat from specific parts of your body.

However, this procedure does not replace training and diets. Nevertheless, if done well by a surgeon, it produces excellent results. The intervention allows the removal of excess fats, which is hard to remove in other ways.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, from the above discussion, it is clear that weight loss does not make your dick bigger. The fat reduction in your shaft makes you realize your penis is bigger. However, losing weight has great benefits; it helps you enjoy sex and increases your confidence.

Having a bigger is not the solution to your sex life. Having a standard body weight and living a healthy lifestyle will improve your life holistically. Feel free to share this article with your friends, family, and colleagues. Thanks for taking the time to read this article.

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