Does Vaping Cause Hair Loss (Why You Should Worry?)

does vaping cause hair loss

Since many people are using vaping, it is becoming more and more popular. This is the reality. Especially smokers consider it better for their health than smoking tobacco. However, can vaping cause hair loss?

Although vaping is relatively safer than smoking tobacco, multiple studies have shown that it contains toxic substances that may harm your health. For instance, vaping has increased the risk of suffering from tonsil stones. Further, a recent study also showed that vaping increases the risk of hair loss.

This article will tell you everything you need about vaping and hair loss. Make sure you read until the end so you don’t miss out on any crucial information.

Does Vaping Cause Hair Loss?

A simple answer is YES. Vaping increases the risk of hair loss. More research on vaping hair loss is still being done to ascertain if it causes hair loss. Multiple preliminary results show that smoking vaping could lead to hair loss.

Like cigarettes, a vape pen contains over 7000 chemicals, most harmful to your health. Some substances in vaping have been proven to cause oxidative stress linked to causing hair loss.

Oxidative stress usually damages cellular DNA in the hair follicles, resulting in hair loss. So, if you love vaping, then know that you are at high risk of suffering from hair loss.

Regular vaping also causes plaque build-up in the blood vessels, which increases the chance of getting a heart attack and damages your heart follicles, thus increasing the risk of suffering from hair loss.

The scalp is usually filled with tiny blood vessels that nourish the scalp and keep the hair follicles healthy. Plaque build-up in the blood vessel usually makes them less effective. It means they cannot sustain the hair follicles as they should, causing damage that could lead to hair loss and thinning.

Additionally, multiple scientific studies have shown that regular vaping increases the male hormone known as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which, in turn, causes hair loss.

While it is not yet known why this hormone acts as it does, scientists have found that a higher level of DHT is usually a result of increased vaping and smoking. High DHT levels generally cause hair follicles to shrink.

The Relationship Between Nicotine And Hair Loss

Even though vaping is less harmful to your health than smoking tobacco, one should not fool himself. Research has established that nicotine in E-cigarettes has the same effect as tobacco products.

For example, the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) has found that vaping also contains harmful chemicals, one of which is nicotine. So, what is the relationship between nicotine and hair loss?

When nicotine enters the bloodstream, it constricts the blood vessels and raises your blood pressure and heart rate. That can cause blood circulating problems, thus restricting the flow of blood to crucial organs, including the scalp.

Decreased blood flow to the scalp means fewer nutrients and oxygen reaching the hair follicles, leading to damage. If the condition worsens, it could result in the hair follicle temporarily shutting down, resulting in hair loss.

Without a proper supply of oxygen and nutrients, your hair follicles will not be able to sustain the healthy cycle required for hair growth.

Nicotine usually causes excessive secretion of oil when consumed as chewing gum leading to hair damage. Nicotine also contains a lot of harmful substances that react when combined with other substances in the e-cig, causing hair loss.

External exposure to nicotine may also lead to severe damage to the hair follicles, causing hair damage.

Will My Hair Grow Back If I Stop Vaping?

Will hair loss from vaping grow back? It depends. If your hair loss is caused by vaping, it will grow back when you stop vaping. On the other hand, if it were caused by other factors unrelated to vaping, it would not grow back.

So if you stopped vaping and your hair is still not growing, the chances are that the problem is not caused by vaping. Sometimes, if you don’t rectify the issues on time, it could result in permanent hair damage.

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What Can You Do In Cases Of Nicotine-Related Hair Loss?

Suppose you have discovered that your hair loss results from nicotine on the e-cigarette. In that case, the best solution is to avoid consuming it. It is possible to reverse hair loss caused by vaping if detected early, but you must quit.

Does Nicotine Cause Hair To Thin?

does vaping cause hair loss

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YES, nicotine can cause hair thinning. As pointed out earlier, when nicotine enters the bloodstream, it constricts the blood vessels. It causes high blood pressure and increases heart rate.

This, in turn, causes blood circulating problems, thus restricting blood flow to crucial organs, including the scalp. Decreased blood flow to the scalp means less nutrients and oxygen reaching the hair follicles hair thinning.

Does Vaping More Likely To Cause Hair Loss Than Traditional Smoking? 

Vaping e-cigarettes has not been on the market for a long meaning. Not so much is known about them. Some experts believe that vaping e-cigs is a much better alternative to traditional smoking because the substances they contain are not as lethal as those in conventional smoking.

However, some experts say it is still too early to conclude that vaping e-cig is a better option than traditional smoking. According to experts, traditional smoking is still more lethal to your health and more likely to cause hair loss.

So, whether vaping is a safer option than traditional smoking is a matter of wait and see. Only time will tell which one is likely to cause more hair loss than the other. 

Is Hair Loss Caused By Vaping, Reversible?

Suppose you have discovered that your hair loss results from long-term vaping. You may be wondering whether the condition can be reversed or not if you stop vaping.

Whether it is possible to reverse the effects of hair loss caused by vaping depends on the extent of the damage. The process will be irreversible if the damage is severe and beyond repair.

On the other hand, if the damage was still in its early stages, it may be reversed. So, when you quit vaping, it is possible to undo the damage that vaping has caused to your hair.

Below Are Tips On How To Reverse Hair Loss Caused By Vaping.

1. Use vitamin E

One of the best ways to increase getting your hair back is by using vitamin E. It is an essential oil that supports a healthy scalp and hair.

Its potent antioxidant properties will help reduce free radicals and oxidative stress that cause the hair follicles on your scalp to break down. It helps stimulate the growth of long and healthy hair if used regularly.

2. Eat more proteins 

Hair is made of proteins, so including more protein in your diet will help you get your hair back within a short period. Including enough protein in your diet will also help in hair regrowth.

The hair follicles are made of protein, and a lack of protein in your diet can lead to hair loss. So if you are trying to get your hair back, ensure that you include more protein in your diet.

3. Use an iron dietary supplement. 

Your body cannot produce hemoglobin when you don’t have sufficient iron. It carries oxygen for the growth and rapier of your body, including the cells that stimulate hair growth. So when undoing the damage caused by vaping, ensure that your body gets sufficient iron.

Does Hair Get Thicker When You Stop Vaping?

YES, your hair will get thicker if you stop vaping. Research has shown that vaping can cause hair thinning by depriving the hair follicles of the nutrients and oxygen it needs to ensure that the hair is healthy and thicker.

So when you stop vaping, your hair follicles will get sufficient nutrients and oxygen it needs to grow thicker.


If I stop vaping, will my hair grow back?

Yes, but it may not be easy as you think.

Can vaping make your hair fall out?

Yes, we recommend staying away from vaping while it is still time.

Closing Thoughts

If you have been wondering if vaping does not cause hair loss, you have the answer today. Vaping can cause hair loss because it causes your blood constricts, thus making them unable to pass oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles.

Additionally, vaping also contains harmful chemicals that inhibit the growth of hair. So, if you have been vaping, it is time to quit.

It will save you from losing your air. Also, stop smoking or vaping if you have suffered from hair loss and want to get your hair back.

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