Does Vaping Cause High Blood Pressure?

does vaping cause high blood pressure

Because of the popularity of vaping, many people who want to substitute smoking with vaping are interested to know more about it. In this case, the interest is in knowing whether vaping can cause high blood pressure or not.

While many people view vaping as a safer and better alternative to smoking, it is equally addicting. Most chemicals that make up the juice you need for vaping are mostly made of toxic substances. These can raise your blood pressure, so the short answer is yes, vaping does tend to cause its users’ high blood pressure.

Are you looking to know more about the side effects that vaping can cause on your overall health? This article will discuss how vaping can affect your health and give you high blood pressure. We got you covered.

How Does Vaping Cause High Blood Pressure?

Instead of the traditional cigarette, People are vaping with various juices mixed with different chemicals and substances depending on the flavor they are currently using and vaping.

While vaping does not have the same amount of nicotine as smoking a cigarette, there are still various juices for vaping that include nicotine. 

Also, other toxic substances can get its users addicted to vaping. As a result, it can cause their blood pressure to be increased because of the toxic substances used for the vapor. 

It is essential to keep an eye on what vapor a vape user is about to use because most of these vape juices are made of chemicals that can spike up blood pressure. It doesn’t matter if you are vaping with juice containing or without nicotine. 

Vaping can affect your internal organs, body functions, heart rate, and blood pressure. Vaping causes a spike in the user’s heart rate and blood pressure. 

While the heart rate returns to normal after a few minutes of the resting period from vaping, the blood pressure remains high for a more extended period. The long-term effects on your overall health can significantly deteriorate your body.

Can I Get High Blood Pressure From Vaping?

The short answer is yes. While smoking and vaping are slightly different, they are both the same addicting habits. You can get high blood pressure from vaping. This is because they can significantly damage your internal organs, primarily if you practice these unhealthy habits every day. 

Through vaping, you are exposed to various unknown chemicals and toxic substances that make up the vape juice you are vaping. Most of these vape juices include substances that are bad for your heart and can increase your blood pressure, resulting in various heart-related diseases. 

Along with increasing the users’ heart rate and blood pressure, here are other effects vape users can experience on their bodies because of vaping:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Restricting your blood vessels
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Arteries getting hardened
  • Possibility of getting type 2 diabetes increases
  • Altering your brains chemistry
  • Increased levels of insulin found in the user’s body
  • High chance of getting a heart attack
  • Continued exposure to nicotine can cause fatal diseases

These are the various effects a user can experience from vaping. With so many unknown chemicals and toxic substances used to make multiple vape juices, it is important to note how vaping can damage the users’ overall health.

How Much Does It Make Your Blood Pressure Go Up?

When you are vaping, your heart rate and blood pressure are affected by the vapors you are inhaling inside your body. Various studies and research have covered that vaping can increase the users’ blood pressure and heart rate. 

After 10 minutes of vaping, the heart rate returns to normal while the blood pressure continues to be affected by the chemicals and toxic substances used. This continues to place the blood pressure on a high even after vaping. 

The nerve impulse helps regulate your heart rate and blood pressure. Through vaping, your body’s transmission of nerve impulses is repressed. This causes an increase in both your blood pressure and heart rate. 

How Long After Vaping Does Blood Pressure Go Down?

Through vaping, the user can experience an increase in their heart rate and blood pressure. Various studies show that after a rest period of 10 minutes, vaping can make the user’s heart rate goes back to normal. 

The same cannot be said for the user’s blood pressure, which stays high even after 10 minutes. Depending on how much a person vapes, their blood pressure can return to normal after 12 hours, and after 12 hours, the blood pressure proceeds to go down and go back to normal.

The long-lasting effects of continuous vaping can significantly affect the user’s blood pressure. They can cause various heart-related issues if continued. 

Some studies have shown that a constant user of vaping who would quit would take about two weeks before their lung circulation would improve. Also, it can take about 9 months before they would have better and clearer breathing.

Is Smoking Or Vaping Worse For High Blood Pressure?

The short answer to which is worse between smoking and vaping is simple: smoking. Smoking has nicotine that can significantly increase the user’s blood pressure. 

While vaping requires vape juices packed with various chemicals and toxic substances, it still has nicotine. It can increase the user’s heart rate and blood pressure. 

While smoking is worse than vaping in terms of high blood pressure, it is essential to note that these two addictive habits both damage the users’ health. Also, they can give smokers various heart-related diseases.


People have made vaping a popular alternative when it comes to smoking. This is due to the belief that vaping has less nicotine than cigarettes. 

However, most vape juices users use vaping contain various toxic substances and unknown chemicals that can affect their health.

Nicotine is also included in most vape juices, which significantly increases blood pressure and heart rate, making it an equally dangerous alternative to the users’ health.

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