Does Your Penis Get Smaller if You Gain Weight?

does your penis get smaller if you gain weight

We are currently living in a culture that is always mindful of health. Even being overweight plus gaining weight creates a lot of health concerns. For example, some wonder whether the penis gets smaller if you gain weight. Does it?

When you gain weight, your stomach becomes big and your thighs thicker. This makes your penis look small because while the other body parts increase, the penis remains the same. So your penis doesn’t become small, but your body parts make it look small since you’re fat.

Very few people understand that gaining too much weight can cause a range of health problems and affect the size of the penis. The penis size has a significant role in the identity of manhood.

A loaded man is often associated with greater vigor, sexual prowess, and masculinity. Many men have no clue that the size of their penis tends to reduce over time. It is also challenging to maintain the size of the penis over time.

This article covers whether the penis gets small when men gain weight, and we encourage you to continue reading.

Does The Size Of The Penis Worry Men Because of Weight Gain?

Does The Size Of The Penis Worry Men Because of Weight Gain?

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Many men tend to feel uneasiness when the size of their penis gets smaller over time; to some, it is usually downright disturbing. Health researchers state that the typical length of a penis when flaccid is 3.6 inches, plus when it erects, it should be 5.16 inches.

The size of the penis can get smaller by an inch for various reasons. Many men get a lot of queries when the size of the penis is small or when it reduces. Researchers state that many men deceitfully believe that they contain a small penis, which is invalid. This is an assumption that can interfere with the male’s confidence.

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What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

This is the inability to attain and withstand an erection appropriate for sexual intercourse.

Can Erectile Dysfunction Make The Penis Shrink Due to Weight Gain?

Yes, erectile dysfunction interferes with the ability of the male to get a firm erection. Frequent strong erections are stated to maintain penis sizes.

Below are some reasons that can lead to the penis reducing size.

Too Much Weight Gain Affects The Penis?

Good satisfying sex helps reduce stress in people. It permits the achievement of physical and mental health well-being. Many men tend to get concerned about the size of their penis while having sex. Every man desires to have larger penis sizes plus last much longer in bed.

Being overweight is one of the most terrible things that can affect the health of the penis. However, being overweight can lead to some issues with the penis. Hefty men contain growth on their penis as the body parts surrounding the penis gather more fat, burying the penis under the skin. This makes it difficult for them even to see their penis.

The excessive growth of the skin and flesh can also cause diverse contaminations. These are bothersome conditions, and circumcision is sometimes the usual and effective alternative. It is paramount to seek health professional consultation from those that deal with penis enlargement.

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Can Your Penis Size Remain When You Gain Weight?

There are numerous cases where being overweight makes it challenging for the foreskin to be lugged back. This is yet again another critical situation that requires immediate medical attention. Ignoring medical attention and not undergoing the necessary treatment can deteriorate the problem by causing multiple other illnesses like cancer.

Gaining extra weight makes the fat pad appear as if the penis has shrunk. Everyone contains a fat pad that is located in the pelvic area. Reducing weight helps reduce the body fat that is near the penis. The size of your penis appears to grow when the fat pad reduces in size. 

It is necessary to have an erection frequently to maintain the shape of the penis. Short regular erections make the penis tissues shrink and less elastic, reducing about 1-2 centimeters.

Therefore, the muscles in the penis are supplemented with oxygen through the blood that swells up the penis to make it erect. The gaining of excess weight can interfere with blood flow to the penis, contributing to erectile dysfunction.

Do You Gain Weight When Aging And Have Shrinking Penis?

Some do gain weight, but that is not always the issue because other people are strict regarding diet. But what about penis shrinkage?

The testicles and penis tend to become slightly smaller as males age. This can be caused by accumulating fatty deposits in the blood vessel, reducing blood flow to the penis. 

Aging also causes the withering of the cell muscles in the elastic erectile tissue in the penis. The limited frequent erections reduce the perceived length of the penis around the place its skin stretches.

The overtime accumulation of the scar tissue from repetitive minor injuries from sports and sex can lead to penis shrinkage. The scar tissue accumulation occurs in the elastic sheath surrounding the spongy erectile tissue in the penis. Additionally, this decreases the available size plus limits constant erections sizes.

Medical causes

Some specific health issues can lead to the shrinkage of the penis. 

Prostate surgery

It has been researched that removing the cancerous prostate gland through the radical prostatectomy procedure can make the penis shrink. It happens due to abnormal muscle contraction in the groin, which pulls the penis into the body.

After the surgery, it becomes challenging for the man to have elections. It also limits the supply of oxygen in the erectile tissue, and this causes the spongy erectile tissue to shrink. In addition, scar tissues tend to accumulate in the erectile tissue.

Peyronie’s disease

Here, the fibrous scar tissue grows inside the penis, making it curvature when erecting. This usually happens when the penis is unintentionally jammed by the woman’s pelvic bone, fracturing the cartilage in the penis.

This results in inelastic and rigid scar tissue in the penis. This tissue hinders the appropriate expansion of the muscle tissues and erectile tissues. 

This disease can reduce the thickness and size of the penis as some cannot get or uphold an erection. Some notice this through a lump in the penis, making sexual intercourse difficult or painful. Undergoing surgery to remove the scar tissue that roots Peyronie’s disease can also reduce the size of the penis. 

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Smoking and consuming alcohol

Cigarettes contain chemicals that are hazardous to the body. These chemicals can injure plus interfere with the penis’s blood vessels, hindering stretching and proper blood flow in the body. Smoking can delay the sustentation of an erection as less blood flow to the penis. 

Drinking too much alcohol for some time can shrink a person’s penis and testicles. Drinking alcohol will interfere with and reduce blood flow in the penis as it is also a depressant. It also dulls sensitivity in the penis and interferes with men’s libido.

Disuse atrophy

The penis tends to shrink if you are not frequently using it. The penis also needs frequent exercise, just like any other body part. This means it is healthy for males to have erections or sex frequently.

It helps supply adequate oxygen through the blood flow in the penis during an erection. The penis is often designed to erect and get blood-filled, and a continuous flaccid penis encourages erectile reduction.

If a male continuously fails to get an erection, elastin, smooth muscle, plus other erectile tissues begin to weaken. This leads to a decrease in penile girth and length.

In a vicious sequence, the loss or reduction of sexual function can cause erectile dysfunction due to the low oxygen supply in the genital tissues and blood vessels.

Low levels of testosterone hormone

The testosterone hormone is necessary for the integrity and health maintenance of the penis. Low levels of testosterone hormone can also lead to penile deterioration and shrinkage.

This mainly occurs when aging or in andropause condition. The body needs testosterone to improve the functions of the testicles and penis. As a result, morning erections happen less often, increasing erectile dysfunction when the testosterone hormone is low.

Disadvantages of a Small Penis Due to Weight Gain

Disadvantages of a Small Penis

Below are some of the related conditions that affect males due to the size of their penis.

Low self-esteem

Those that suffer from a reduction in penis sizes tend to experience low esteem. Low self-esteem can also negatively impact a person’s sex and healthy life, leading to depression, anxiety, and stress.

Reduced stamina

Men being overweight doesn’t simply indicate that they are not fit. Many fat men assume that their general health deteriorates when they gain excess weight. The cardio-vascular output can affect sexual performance when it reduces. 

Skin problems

This issue can result when the skin of the penis gets stuck in the flesh of sweaty hot folds. Besides, it is usually the breeding place for bacteria. As a result, it causes health issues like crotch rot or thrush. 

Loss of sensation

This can be caused when the gut’s extra flesh begins squashing the ends of the nerves of the penis. Some doctors state that the penis contains about 4,000 sensory nerve endings.

Circulation problems

Excess body fat can tend to increase risks in circulation. Here, the supply of adequate blood to the penis reduces. This can cause some erectile dysfunction.

Visually unpleasing

Suitable and satisfying sex is related to men who possess a large penis. A small penis cannot be visually pleasing, creating many insecurities and discomfort in men. 

Variety of anxiety disorders

Some tend to avoid sexual relationships with women. They assume the shame that the small size of their penis can lead them when they fail to meet the sexual desires of the lady.

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Ways to Retain or Regain The Penis Size After Weight Gain

Reducing the penis size can be very frustrating, particularly when not expected. Below are some ways you can use to retain or regain the size of the penis.

Because of weight gain, you might feel that your penis is small. For this reason, overweight men need to reduce their weight to diminish the illusion of having a small penis. 

You should review medicine carefully when on medication, as some drugs contain side effects that can affect the size of the penis. 

Frequent physical exercises can be advantageous as it improves and provides a thorough blood flow in all body parts, including the penis. 

Penis exercises can also help through frequent erections and sex. It can also cause damage when undertaking a specific and regular penis exercise. 

  • Refraining from wearing tight underclothes and pants. This can constrict blood flow in the abdomen region.
  • Intake of plenty of water can also create a difference in the size of the penis.
  • Refrain from smoking to prevent cigarette chemicals from interfering and altering blood flow in the body parts, including the penis.
  • By being patient when the penis gets smaller after prostate removal as it can reverse.
  • Undergoing penile rehabilitation, which is using prescribed medicine after prostate removal. These drugs, like tadalafil, help in erectile dysfunction.
  • Get rid of the scar tissue in the outward area of the penis through medication. 
  • Consuming healthy diets plus fruits helps in blood circulation plus prevents illness. 
  • Preserve a healthy sex life by preventing the penis skin from getting injured during sex.
  • You can do this by maintaining normal testosterone hormone levels by undergoing Testosterone replacement therapy.
  • Trimming the public hair more frequently helps minimize the illusion of having a small penis.
  • Seek medical assistance if you experience pain in some cases.


Many men have no clue that the size of their penis reduces over time because of weight gain. Many people believe that the size of the penis plays a role in the identity of manhood.

It is usually challenging to maintain the size of the penis over time. It is disconcerting for men when the size of their penis reduces. The typical length of a penis should be about 3.6 inches when flaccid and 5.16 inches when it erects. 

Erectile dysfunction interferes with the ability of the male to get a firm erection that can sustain sex, and this inhibits the sensitivity and activeness of the penis. The gaining of excess weight also interferes with the normal blood flow to the penis, which contributes to erectile dysfunction. 

Ignoring medical attention and not undergoing the necessary treatment can deteriorate the situation by causing multiple other illnesses like cancer. It is essential to have an erection frequently to maintain the shape of the penis.

The muscles in the penis are supplemented with oxygen in the blood that swells up the penis to make it erect. I agree that a penis can reduce in size in overweight men.

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