9 Exercises to Remove Fat Belly On Grannies

fat belly grannies

A fat belly is a common problem among people of all genders, races, sex, and ages. Most notably, it can cause other secondary issues such as diabetes type-2 in people of advanced ages. What is the best exercise for a fat belly for older people?

There are various exercises for people with big tummies, but our best exercises for older people are these:

  • Forearm plank
  • Outer thigh lifts
  • Crunches and sit-ups
  • Toe touches
  • Additional physical exercise
  • Turkish get-up
  • Sprawls
  • Overhead Medicine Ball Slams
  • Walking

Accumulation of fat in the abdominal area raises dementia and heart disease risks for grannies if they have fat bellies

Luckily, there are solutions for fat grannies with this problem, as highlighted below. The article addresses this issue by providing viable solutions, including proper physical exercise and dietary requirements, among other tips.

The Fat Belly Granny Exercise

Now that you know how to keep yourself motivated, what are the exercises you need to adopt? Ideally, it would help if you kickstart your day with a gentle morning exercise on the bed. Below are some of the morning exercises you need to consider.

1. Forearm Plank

Forearm plank exercise involves spreading your shoulders apart with forearms and knees on the bed. Ensure your forearms are straight on the bed in front of you. Also, tuck your elbows underneath your shoulders.

Bring your body to full extension by pushing your feet back and lifting your knees off the bed. While doing this, ensure your neck aligns with your spine, your hips lifted, and your core tight. Note that this exercise is good for muscle strength and the back.

2. Outer Thigh Lifts

Using your arms to support your head, lie on your right-hand side and stack your legs on top of each other. Lift your left leg slowly from the ground at an angle of about 60 degrees. Proceed by releasing it down without touching the right leg.

3. Crunches And Sit-Ups

Sit-ups and crunches are among the most straightforward exercise you can do on your mattresses. Begin by lifting just like a typical crunch, followed by twisting your body to one side gently. Next, extend your opposite leg to that particular direction you’re turning.

You can repeat this movement by alternating the direction you’re turning successively. Expect to have a flat tummy in no time if you stick to this exercise regularly.

4. Toe Touches

Toe touching is a great exercise to kickstart your day. Start this exercise by lifting your legs towards the ceiling. Your arms should lay flat on your above your head to create an ‘L’ shape with your body.

Reach your toes vertically while crunching your abs, and then lower your back slowly and gently back to the starting position. Doing this exercise at least twenty times will help you burn belly fat and strengthen your spine.

5. Additional Physical Exercise

The previously mentioned exercises are majorly meant to keep you active and catapult you into the mood of doing more. If your morning routines start with exercising, you should feel more confident to do more after the above in-bed exercises.

Otherwise, you can stick to the ones above, and you’ll do just fine, but the result will take a bit longer to manifest. Below are additional exercises you can strap onto your belt.

6. Turkish Get-Up

For this 200-year-old exercise, you’ll need a kettlebell. Many consider it a rather complicated exercise, but this body conditioning movement effectively blasts belly fat fast. For those who aren’t familiar with this exercise, you begin by laying in fetal on your side and then, using both hands, hold the kettlebell with one hand.

Stabilize the weight on one loaded side by pressing the kettle up towards the ceiling with both your hands as you roll onto your back. Release your free leg at an angle of 45 degrees while also releasing your other hand that is free with the palms facing down. Firmly grip the floor by sliding the heels loaded closer to your butt.

Using the loaded arm, punch the kettlebell and then push through your foot on the floor. Ensure you don’t use the supporting side to shrug your shoulder towards your ear. All the while, keep your chest open. Lift yourself to a seated position by straightening your other elbow on the ground and then weave your foreleg to the back.

7. Sprawls

If you don’t know what sprawl is, consider it an advanced version of a burpee. It’s a complete body exercise that engages as many muscles as possible in a physical exercise state. In doing so, it shapes and tones your lower and upper-body whiles also burning many calories.

For this exercise, begin by standing with your shoulder and feet distance apart. Place your hand on the floor as you squat down. After jumping your feet to a plank, touch the ground by lowering your body. Jump your feet into a squat outside your hand by pushing your body to a plank. Stand back up, and also, you can burn more calories by jumping between each sprawl.

8. Overhead Medicine Ball Slams

If you want to strengthen your core, this is an ideal consideration as it works against gravity. Every time you pick up the ball and bring it overhead, your heart rate will spike. That is to test the level of your endurance. Use heavy-weight balls if you want to get more out of this exercise.

You do this exercise beginning by standing tall and ensuring your feet are hip-width apart while holding the medicine ball with your hands. Extend your body fully by reaching both of your arms overhead. Proceed by slamming the bell forward down to the ground. Hinge over by bending your knees, and then as you slam, extend your arms forward to the floor. Pick the ball by squatting, then stand back up.

9. Walking

As simple as it may sound, this simple activity of moving your legs forward can significantly help shed belly fat, especially for fat grannies. Note that 40-60 minutes of a brisk walk daily can help with your metabolism. Walking is a mild form of exercise with astounding health results. So you don’t need to worry about over-exercise or over-train.

Overtraining usually leads to the production of the stress hormone, cortisol which contributes to the build-up of belly fat. Bear in mind that straining your body with other similar physical exercises excessively can do more harm than good, especially for those who desire quick results.

If you’re coming out of a stressful workday, walking can help alleviate stress levels while also keeping your belly fat regulated. Consider brisk walking an effective way of eliminating extra pounds from the fat in your abdominal muscles. Notably, you can drop approximately one pound per week for 60 minutes of rapid walking per day.

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Exercise Routine For Grannies With Fat Belly

Physical exercise is vital in keeping your body in shape and staying healthy. That applies to both young and the elderly. Some older women suffer from central obesity, which involves excessive abdominal protrusion where fat is deposited in the belly leading to an apple-shaped body.

Before jumping to the specific exercise routines for eliminating a fat belly, you must first be in a position to do essential exercise and then advance with time. As an older woman, it’s fundamental you motivate yourself into engaging in these physical exercises. So, how do you do that?

• Consider Having a Fitness Trainer: A fitness trainer doesn’t necessarily have to be a professional, especially if you’re a beginner. It can be one of your relatives who actively engage in exercise routines. Exercising together will keep you on your toes, and you won’t feel like you’re in it alone. Importantly, ensure you follow what they tell you.

• Watch a fitness video: Nowadays, there are tons of videos on the web for fitness exercises that you can choose from. If you’re starting, ensure you select 30-minutes videos since you might experience burnout from longer ones.

• Choice of the right time: Since you’re advancing in age, you should understand the importance of exercising. So, scheduling your exercise routines is equally important as any other activity. It can be while watching your favorite TV show or at a specific set time. With enough confidence, you’ll be exercising anywhere at any time.

• Getting the appropriate props: Get the right props for your preferred routines. For example, if you’ll be exercising while seated, get heavy chairs with backrests and not light office ones. As for those in wheelchairs, the wheels must be locked.

Dietary Essentials for Fat Belly Grannies

Effective exercise alone won’t guarantee you a proper belly fat loss. You’ll have to back it up with an adequate diet. That means you should watch what you eat. It is challenging to stick to a strict diet, but your health generally relies on it as an older woman.

Tips For Burning Fat Belly for Fat Grannies

Before moving to specific nutrients to put in your diet, below are some practices that significantly help you burn belly fat.

Avoid Excessive Alcohol Consumption

According to scientific research, too much alcohol consumption can accelerate belly fat build-up. Note that alcohol has health benefits when consumed in small controlled amounts. Bear in mind that observational studies point out a link between fat build-up around the waist, i.e., central obesity.

Since alcohol has health benefits in small amounts, you can cut back on your daily consumption, but you can also quit it altogether if you can.

Consuming Plenty of Soluble Fiber

Soluble fiber helps you lose general body weight, including belly fat weight, as it promotes less eating since you’ll always feel full. Its work is to form a gel on your digestive tract by absorbing water and slowing food down as it passes through.

With that benefit in mind, ensure you consume soluble fiber-oriented foods daily. Some of these foods include; avocadoes, flax seeds, Brussels sprout, blackberries, and shirataki noodles.

Include High Protein Foods in Your Diet

A high intake of protein-oriented foods promotes the release of the PYY hormone responsible for decreasing appetite, leading to feeling full. That’s why food rich in protein is considered weight management food.

According to observational studies, those who consume more protein have less abdominal fat than individuals who eat lesser protein. Some of the protein-rich food to consider including in your diet are; whey protein, eggs, meat, beans, fish, etc.

Avoid Beverages That Have Been Sugar-Sweetened

Consumption of high fructose beverages can lead to significant fat gain in the abdominal area. In addition, these sugary drinks can also keep you at risk of increased fat in your liver. Note that increased belly fat has also been associated with the consumption of these beverages.

It’s worth mentioning that these sugary drinks are way more dangerous than sugar itself because of their chemical composition. Your brain does not process solid and liquid calories the same way. So, you can end up consuming more calories which, in the end, your body stores up as fat. If you want to lose belly fat, avoid beverages such as; punch, sugary alcohol mixers, soda, and sweet tea.

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Foods For Fat Belly Grannies

By now, you should know that to lose belly fat effectively, you have to couple two elements together, i.e., healthy eating coupled with regular exercise routines. To ensure you’re getting the most out of the duo combination, include the following foods in your diet.

• Oatmeal: A little sweat oatmeal in the morning is a great way to start your day as it additionally satisfies your sweet tooth. Rice, oats, beans, and other fibers can work with your gut bacteria to keep your belly fat level in check.

• Lean meat can maintain high metabolic activities in your body, which is vital for burning belly fat. These meats include; lean cuts of beef, chicken breast, and white turkey meat parts.

• Choline: visceral gene in the body is responsible for fat gain. But choline eliminates its effect by turning it off. Eggs are the common bearer of this nutrient.

• Resveratrol: the primary role of this nutrient is to slow down body fat accumulation. Foods rich in this nutrient are; dark chocolate, fruits, and peanut butter.

• Spices and flavors: these help in slowing down fat genes and swelling. Typical flavors and spices include cinnamon and ginger.

Final Thoughts

Since you now understand the importance of health, you must be willing to invest heavily in it to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. The fat belly problem has been linked to severe life-changing complications such as cardiovascular disease.

According to research, women who are past the menopause stage, i.e., fat belly grannies, are more likely to develop fat-belly-associated complications. Eliminating that fat on your belly can go a very long way in avoiding an array of diseases. Remember to eat healthily and exercise regularly.

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