How Does Vaping Affect Relationships?

how does vaping affect relationships

Ever since e-cigarettes became popular, they have been a divisive topic. While recently, studies have shown the adverse effects of vaping but rarely have they focused on relationships. So does it affect relationships?

While a relationship with both vapers might not have dramas like when one does, it is safe to say that vaping rarely does affect relationships negatively. Where it does, it could be easily dealt with, unlike other substance use, such as when the partner is an alcoholic. If your partner doesn’t like it, find ways to stop it.

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Does Vaping Affect Relationships? If So, How?

1. Non-Vapers in a relationship with vapers

For some people, vaping can be a positive experience they enjoy with their partner. This is especially true if both partners are vapers and can share the experience.

Others may feel the same way and see it as an excellent opportunity to have more conversations or try new things with their partner. 

Of course, not everyone will be in love with the program. For some people, using e-cigarettes only brings added stress and tension to what was once a happy, healthy relationship.

It can also start a downward spiral into worse behaviors or a complete end to the relationship. When an otherwise happy couple begins arguing over whether or not a partner can vape in the house, that’s generally not a positive sign for the relationship.

What makes things even more complicated is that the circumstances surrounding each relationship are different. How vapers use e-cigarettes, where they do it, and with whom are all potential factors affecting relationships.

Over time, using e-cigarettes can put a lot of stress on the relationship and lead to adverse outcomes. For example, people who smoke cigarettes often experience lower self-esteem, lowered sexual desire, or may avoid intimacy altogether.

2. Vapers in a relationship

In comparison, people who vape are more likely to feel a sense of pride in themselves and their partner because they think “positively” engaged in their relationship. They also enjoy sharing experiences with their partner that lead to new insights about life and themselves.

Vaping gets in the way of relationships when it becomes an addiction. Many stories exist about people who have lost their families and careers because they can’t stop vaping. When someone has a problem like this, they can’t be present in their relationships.

Keep in mind that, above all, what works for one person may not work for another. Many of the problems experienced in one relationship are related to personal choices and preferences.

If you find that vaping has become a problem for you or your partner, it may be helpful for both of you to talk about the issue and come up with a solution. Read on to learn more about vaping and relationships.

Does Vaping Affect Relationships? 

Many people see vaping as a harmless hobby or a way to fix their nicotine. For others, e-cigarettes are the source of many problems in their relationships.

Because it takes time away from them and can be used to hide other bad habits, let’s look at how vaping affects relationships.

General Effects

The consensus is that, at the very least, vaping can cause some irritation in relationships because it is addictive. People who vape may become obsessed with the activity because they enjoy it or are trying to quit smoking.

The more a person vapes, the more time they will spend doing it, which can mean less time spent doing things with their partner.

Rather than simply providing a nicotine fix, vaping provides the opportunity for people to have more variety in their lives. Sometimes, this is seen as a positive thing.

People who vape state that their new hobby has brought them and their partner closer together because they share something in common.

For example, couples who both enjoy vaping may plan to attend events and go on adventures together. They take it as an exciting change in their everyday lives and can be used to connect with a partner in new ways.

How Does Vaping Affect Your Behavior?

For some people, vaping is the reason for their bad behavior. When someone vapes, they may engage in other bad habits because they lack a sense of self-control.

It is common for people who vape to become more irritable after taking a hit from their e-cigarette and lose patience with both themselves and their partner.

People who smoke have similar issues. However, it tends to be less prominent because smoking has been around for so long that most cultures have accepted it as the status quo.

In most cases, the vaping that leads to irritability is due to the lack of nicotine and craving for it. However, it can be seen as a problem for people who vape. When the urge for nicotine hits, people feel like they need an impact and are more likely to misbehave.

As vaping becomes a pattern of poor behavior that causes stress, people become frustrated with their partners and themselves.

Can Vaping Cause Personality Changes? 

When people vape, they may begin to change their personalities over time. This is because vaping causes an imbalance in the body and brain.

The chemicals inhaled through e-cigarettes can cause mood swings, increased thirst, and insomnia, leading to a change in personality.

Sometimes, people who vape may become more aggressive or self-conscious about their appearance. They may also become angry and irritable when they miss a hit or experience side effects from vaping.

When the person is prone to having mood swings, their partner may begin to feel like they are being ignored and go into withdrawal.

Can You Smell If Someone Is Vaping? 

E-cigarettes don’t have the same unpleasant smell as cigarettes. Most e-liquids contain flavors like candy, mint, fruit punch, or vanilla that typically have pleasant scents. This is also why some vape people use flavored e-liquids over the standard tobacco or menthol flavors.

Many people are confused about what it smells like when someone vapes. They have no idea because it doesn’t smell like cigarette smoke. There can be some confusion in telling if someone is vaping.

However, if you suddenly smell any of these, yet none of them is around, take this as a warning sign. That might be a clear indication that someone is vaping.


E-cigarettes have been a controversial topic since they were introduced to the world. Most of the arguments against vaping focus on it being addictive and harmful.

For some, vaping is a hobby that is used as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. Others view it as an addiction and unhealthy behavior that can cause relationship problems.

When people have these addictive qualities, it is hard to be present in their relationships because they focus on getting their nicotine fixed.

Experts recommend that people who vape talk to their family and friends about how they feel about vaping and how this affects their lives.

This can help them find a solution or set boundaries around what they can do with e-cigarettes. In the meantime, you can be present in your relationship and support each other through the complicated process.

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