how long to lose 50 pounds

The culture of rapid weight loss pivots on meeting unrealistic deadlines. People are motivated to lose weight depending on several reasons, but the approaches to their goals make the process harder. Now, how long does it take for anyone to lose 50 pounds?

It is possible to lose many pounds within a short period, but there are consequences. The shortest possible time to lose 50 pounds is within a month, yet it is pretty dangerous and could lead to illness or psychological stress.

In this article, we explore good and unhealthy weight loss habits. The report also explores different ways in which rapid weight loss affects both physical and mental health.

Seven best ways that help to lose 50 pounds fast

Weight loss is a very challenging experience, but each day people work their way around this
transformation. Here are some tips on how to lose 50 pounds in a month or two.

1. Adopt a caloric deficit diet

The easiest way to lose weight is changing the daily diet to fewer calories than the regular intake. The trick is to make the body accept fewer calories by taking bulky meals with a low calorific count.

Depending on how long you lose 50 pounds, you must cut down at least half of your daily caloric intake daily. The easiest way to fill that gap is by consuming lots of low calories fluids. Such fluids are water, sugarless flavored water, green smoothies, and low-fat yogurt.

2. Replace refined carbohydrates

Refined starch is the most effortless way to take unnecessary carbohydrates. The starch is sweet and leads to overconsumption since they lack the fulfilling pigment; roughage. Roughage is the component removed by manufacturers from wheat, rice, and maize to make food softer.

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Replacing refined carbs with whole grain starch significantly impacts how long to lose 50 pounds to your goal. Wholegrain meals are quick to satisfy as the presence of roughage fills up the stomach faster. The portions of wholegrain are smaller than what the refined carbs take to satisfy anyone fully.

3. Eating proteins

Incorporating more proteins in your new diet is very beneficial to weight loss. Proteins take longer to digest; hence they will last in the gut for longer. Proteins convert to muscle after digestion, which is much better than carbohydrates which convert to fat.

4. Indulge in weightlifting exercises

Weightlifting is crucial depending on how long to lose 50 pounds to your time frame. The advantage of weightlifting is that it burns weight even after the workout; hence, your body remains actively melting fat. Weight lifting also uses proteins to build lean muscles, thus leaving little to no digested food to fat conversion.

5. Let the body adjust to a feeding routine

The human body functions with a routine, and sticking to a similar pattern helps you experience significant weight loss. Sticking to a combination of food and fluid routine leads your body to tune into the practice. Hence, the rate of cravings and hunger pangs consequently fade off.

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6. Drink water

Drinking water is the most overused term in weight loss, but few people understand why. When you consume a lot of water, you resist the urge to keep on snacking. Constant snacking leads to accumulating unnecessary daily calories.

7. Eat at the dining table

Eating at the dining table helps you eat in a short time, compared to eating in bed or on the couch. Eating fast is very fulfilling, which leads to a smaller portion intake. However, eating in front of a screen is pretty distracting, which spaces out the feeding time. The result is either finishing a considerable portion of food or unsatisfaction, which leads to additional portion servings.

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Effects of rapid weight loss

After following the steps mentioned above, it’s only a matter of how long to lose 50 pounds in a short time. However, rapid weight loss is unrecommended, and here are a few reasons why.

1. The body metabolism rate slows down. Food deficiency alarms the body’s system of scarcity; thus, the body immediately results in holding fat for the future. The rate of metabolism is also sluggish since the body prolongs how fat-burning. A slow metabolism means a person is inactive, leading to extreme fatigue and weakness if the person is working or continuously using energy.

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2. The level of leptins in the body is unstable. Leptin hormone is responsible for inducing hunger, and impulse diets mess up the balance in the body. In a few days, leptin levels encourage binge eating to replenish missing food from the body. As a result, you tend to gain more weight than you had lost.

3. Rapid weight loss leads to psychological disorders such as body dysmorphia, bulimia, and even anorexia. If your final goal is to lose weight and not adapt to a healthy lifestyle, you may tune your brain to obsessions that alter your life. Psychological eating disorders are pretty dangerous, where extreme cases lead to depression, self-harm, and even suicide.

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Proper ways to weight loss

If you choose to embark on a weight shedding journey, the first step is to consult a certified physician then a nutritionist. The importance of seeking professional help is that they prescribe the best approach to achieve your goal and say how long to lose 50 pounds.

The second step to proper weight loss is detaching your self-value to the scale number. If your goal is to lose weight to love yourself more, seek a psychiatrist’s help to help you deal with the insecurities. Weight loss is a different journey from self-awareness and evaluation.

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The third way to achieve weight loss goals is improving on discipline. Weight loss includes altering a few lifestyle choices, such as midnight snacking and heavy drinking. Such tasks require changes in mindsets to achieve, which are accompanied by high discipline levels.

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Generally, how long to lose 50 pounds does it take? The most healthy period is between six to eight months. Any other period below six months considered healthy is a surgical procedure, which a healthy working lifestyle should accompany.

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