How Long Does It Take To Lose 40 Pounds (Practical Ways)

One of the greatest challenges that most people in the United States have is maintaining a healthy weight. Recent data revealed that nearly 1 in 3 adults in the United States are overweight or obese. So how long does it take to lose 40 pounds?

While it is possible to lose more weight in a short span of period, the repercussion of that might cost your life. So based on the recommendation of the CDC’s 1lb to 2 lbs weight loss per week, it will take 5 months for you to lose 40 pounds or 18 kg.

This article will tell you how long it will take you to lose 40 pounds and what you need to do to ensure that you lose weight within the set timeline. Make sure you read this article until the end to avoid missing any vital information.

How Long Does It Take To Lose 40 Pounds?

A simple answer to the question is 4-5 months. Some people may take a shorter time to lose weight while others may take longer but the most realistic time to lose 40 pounds is between 4 and 5 months. 

When on a weight-loss campaign, most people mistake using unproven techniques to lose weight because they want to reach their desired body weight fast.

The trick to losing weight is going slow but at a steady pace. Studies show that nearly 90% of people who lose weight quickly usually regain it over time. Why? Because they don’t give their bodies enough time to get used to the new lifestyle.

It is better to lose weight slowly but healthily than to lose it quickly but unhealthy when it comes to losing weight.

According to experts, the healthy amount of weight that an individual can lose per week is 1-2 pounds. That translates to about 0.9 kilograms per week.

So if you do simple math, you will find out that it will take you between 4 and 5 months to shed 40 pounds. Losing 40 pounds in 3 months is very difficult and not good for your body.

Pounds To Kilograms

Pounds (lbs)Kilograms (KG)
1 lb0.453592 kg
10 lbs4.53592 kg
20 lbs9.07185 kg
25 lbs11.3398 kg
30 lbs13.6078 kg
35 lbs15.8757 kg
40 lbs18.1437 kg

The table above shows that 1 lb is equal to 0.453592 kg which is roughly 450 milligrams. So 1 lb is not the same as 1 kg. On the other hand, 25 to 30 pounds is equal to 11.3398 to 13.6078 kgs. Also, 30 to 40 pounds is equal to 13.6078 to 18.1437 kgs. You can use this calculator for further conversions.

Between Men and Women, Who Can Lose 40 Pounds Quicker?

Between Men and Women, Who Can Lose 40 Pounds Quicker?

The rate at which men and women lose weight differently. According to research, men lose weight faster than women because they have more lean muscle tissues, which burn calories than body fats, even during rest. Even when a man and a woman cut the same number of calories, the man will still lose more weight. 

However, the playing field is usually fair in the long term, with both men and women achieving their weight loss target.

Another important thing to note is that men tend to lose weight in places where it is needed more than women. That is why men usually start to see positive results within a short time after beginning their weight loss journey.

On the other hand, women tend to take longer before seeing positive results. The bottom line is that men are more likely to lose 40 pounds faster than women.

How To Lose 40 Pounds in 3 Months

Losing 40 pounds in 3 months is difficult but possible. So the big question is how? This section will give you proven tips on losing 40 pounds in 3 months.

1. Come up with a plan

come up with a plan

Losing 40 pounds in 3 months is not an easy task. You can only achieve it if you have a well-crafted plan. So the first crucial thing to do is to come up with a realistic plan that stipulates how you will actualize your plan. 

The plan should include the exercise you will perform, how many days per week you will exercise, the food you will eat, and much more.

A good weight loss plan will help you stay on course and thus increase your chance of achieving your goal. Remember that your body can only do so much. So, when creating your weight loss plan, ensure that it is realistic. 

For instance, if you feel that it is impossible to achieve your weight loss goal in 3 months, you can move it to 4 or even five months. It is better to take a long route but reach your destination than take a shorter route and fail to reach your goal.

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2. Watch what you eat 

watch what you eat

What you eat matters a lot and will play a huge role in determining how fast you lose weight. Most people usually pay a lot of attention to their exercise routine and forget about diet. However, if you want to get rid of weight fast and healthy, then diet should be your top priority. 

Regardless of how many times a day you work out, if your dent is not right, then you will see very little progress. So, the first tip to losing 40 pounds in 3 months is watching what you eat.

a) Cut back on carbs

cut back carbs

One major change you need to make in your diet is cutting back on carbs. Cut back on carbs and replace them with whole grains.

This way, you will lower your calorie intake. Your hunger level will go down, meaning you will consume fewer calories. When you reduce your carb intake, your body will burn stored fat for energy instead of glucose, resulting in weight loss.

b) Eat more protein

eat more proteins

If you have not been eating plenty of protein, you have to include more protein in your diet this time. Protein will help preserve your muscle mass while losing weight and help reduce your appetite, thus enabling you to lose weight quickly. 

Remember, the general rule of thumb for weight loss is to burn more calories than what you consume, and that is what protein will help you do. When you include more protein in your diet, your cravings will reduce because you will feel full and satisfied for a long.

c) Eat more fiber

lose 40 pounds in 3 months

Eating more fiber will also help you to lose weight quickly. A study published in Today, Annals of Internal Medicine, revealed that consuming 30 grams of fiber each day can help you lose weight faster.

Eating more fiber will curb your appetite by making you feel full for a long time, thus reducing your calorie intake.

d) Drink plenty of water

drink water

Drinking enough water is very important when embarking on a weight loss journey. Water will keep you hydrated and help you curb your appetite, thus making you eat fewer calories.

Doctors suggest that you drink at least eight glasses of water each day to keep your body well hydrated and curb your appetite.

When you drink a glass of water 15 minutes before eating your meal, you will feel full and thus consume fewer calories.

3. Exercise More And More 

intense exercise

Another tip for losing 40 pounds in 3 months is by doing regular exercise. When we emphasize exercise, we don’t mean that you should spend the whole day in the gym.

When you perform a workout regularly, your body will burn more weight than you consume, leading to weight loss.

According to experts, just 30 minutes of moderate to intense workout per day is enough to help you lose 40 pounds in 3 months. The trick here is consistency and doing your workouts properly to get the most impact.

Any type of exercise is good for weight loss. Although some types of exercise have more impact than others when it comes to weight loss, we highly recommend that you perform exercise that you are comfortable with.

The most recommended types of exercise for weight loss include walking, running, swimming, cycling, interval training, and weight training.

If you have a treadmill in your house, you can lose weight quickly by performing incline walking. Incline walking will help boost your health and fitness and help you shed weight.

Benefits of Incline Walking

  • It helps you lose weight fast by burning more calories compared to walking on a surface
  • Also, It helps to boost your heart rate
  • Lastly, It challenges your calves 

4. Get good quality sleep


The importance of getting quality sleep cannot be overemphasized when on a weight loss journey. When you don’t get enough sleep, you will feel hungrier and have less energy.

This factor will trigger you to eat more food, thus increasing your calorie intake. A 2016 research showed that when dieters cut back on sleep for 2 weeks, the amount of weight that they lose drops by 55%.

Quality sleep helps increase metabolism, which in turn helps your body burn more calories, leading to weight loss. Quality sleep also helps give your body much-needed rest.

When you wake up the following morning, you will feel more energetic and active, which will also help you lose weight.

Stress also helps reduce stress which has been proven to lead to weight gain. So, when you are on a weight loss journey, make sure you get enough sleep of at least 8 hours.

Can You Really Lose 40 Pounds in 3 Months? 

Yes, it is possible to lose 40 pounds in 3 months, but you have to work extremely hard to achieve your goal. In order to shed 40 pounds in 3 months, you need to lose at least 13 pounds per month.

This means that you need to lose at least 1600 calories per day and about 11000 calories per week. Realistically speaking, this is a lot of weight to lose and is virtually impossible for many people. 

Losing a lot of weight within a short time is also not good for your health, and the results that you will get will most likely not last for long.

When you lose weight quickly, you are likely to gain it again over time. The best and most recommended way to lose weight is to lose it over time gradually.

This way, you will be able to sustain the results you will get. So, losing 40 pounds is achievable, but it is not realistic in 3 months. The reasonable period to lose 40 pounds is between 4 to 5 months. 

What Are The Benefits of Losing 40 Pounds? 

Losing 40 pounds has many benefits to your health and well-being. Below are the main advantages of losing weight.

  • It reduces the risk of cancer.

Losing weight helps to reduce the risk of getting cancer. A 2018 research showed that weight loss could reduce the risk of getting breast cancer in women by up to 12%.

  • It helps you get better sleep.

Another benefit of weight loss is that it enhances your sleep. When you reduce your body weight to a manageable level, you are less likely to snore while sleeping, improving your overall quality of sleep.

  • It enhances your joint health.

The heavier you are, the more pressure you pile on your joints. That is why obese and overweight people are usually more likely to suffer from joint-related diseases such as arthritis.

When you lose 40 pounds, your body will be lighter, meaning you will exert less pressure on your joints. This will, in turn, help to enhance your joint health.

Final Verdict

If you have been wondering how long it takes to lose 40 pounds, we hope that this article has been informative.

Some people claim that you can lose weight in 3 months, but that is not realistic and nearly impossible. The realist period to lose 40 pounds is between 4 to 5 months.

More so, if you lose weight quickly, you are likely to gain it again over time because your body will still not have adapted to the new lifestyle. What’s your experience?

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