How Long Does It Take To Walk 3 Miles?

Although walking doesn’t burn more calories than running, it is always a nice and easy exercise. Sometimes you don’t even notice that walking is another form. But do you know how long does it take to walk 3 miles?

While it depends on your pace, from our experience, if you take 1 mile per 15 minutes, you can take 45 minutes to walk 3 miles. But you should keep pace very fast. However, if you walk on average, it can even take an hour or even more.

So if want to learn more about how to walk 3 miles fast, stay tuned!

How Long Does it Take to Walk 3 Miles?

Humans usually walk at an average pace of 3.1 miles every hour; as a result, we have encompassed which are relatively sluggish and quicker.

Most treadmills enable one to conform in increments one-tenth of a mile, which is a good trait. Further, considering this, we created a table below that shows the time one is expected to stroll 3 miles every hour on a treadmill at different speeds.

This is a remarkable pace of walking, specifically on a groove. Averagely, it consumes between 3/4 of an hour and 12 minutes to cover three miles on a treadwheel. Besides, bear in mind that it is a proven fact no matter everywhere.

The table below shows your calculation of how long it takes to walk 3 miles according to your walking speed.

Table 1: How Long Does It Take to Walk 3 Miles

Walking SpeedTime to Walk 3 Miles
1 Mile Per Hour3 Hours
2 Miles Per Hour1.5 Hour
3 Miles Per Hour1 Hour
4 Miles Per Hour45 Minutes
5 Miles Per Hour36 Minutes
6 Miles Per Hour30 Minutes

One can calculate the time taken to walk any distance using the formula:

Time = distance/speed

The formula states, “the time taken is equivalent to the distance that one covers divided by the walking speed.” Therefore, let us figure out the time taken to cover three miles at a speed of 3 miles every hour; we can adapt the formula highlighted below.

Three miles/3 miles per hour = 1 Hour

Strolling is a fantastic way of enabling your body to gain physical fitness. Also, it doesn’t require a lot of effort. Besides, many people have embraced walking as a technique to acquire a desirable shape. Walking has less influence on the joints than running and enables one to exercise for more extended periods.

Also, walking is considered a way to free up your mind. It helps one reduce stress and anxiety. Walking also aids in lessening blood pressure and is an easy way to maintain your mind and body in good health.

Weather is also a determining factor that we have no control over. If the weather is either cold or hot, one can choose to exercise indoors.

Purchasing treadwheels is a choice to consider if the outside weather conditions are adverse. The groove enables one to walk in the comfort of your home quickly. You can do this at any hour of the day, regardless of the severe conditions outside.

It’s the perfect approach for one to remain proactive and in good health to treasure his walking as much as possible.

What factors affect your 3-mile time?

how long does it take to walk 3 miles

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how long it takes to walk 3 miles, but do you walk 3 miles and above? The data above statistically depicts how strolling 3 miles on a treadwheel can take 45 minutes to 1 hour and 12 minutes.

The time consumed to make an equal distance differs from one individual to another as there are a lot of reasons that can influence the speed.

Further, the swifter one runs, the more energy one takes and covers a longer distance in a shorter period. The rate is indirectly proportional to the time consumed.

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How Long Does it Take To Walk 3 Miles: Check Your Stamina and Fitness Level

An individual may not manage to finish a 3-mile race. However, you should run at a friendly pace and gradually increase for excellent output.

Because commencing one’s walk can give them the energy to complete a 3 miles distance and acquire the most from the exercise. Nevertheless, running too fast without the needed training gets worn out prematurely.

Besides, the majority of the people put in an optimum effort at the beginning of the walk. Also, the velocity and tempo rapidly grow as they endeavor to complete the distance.

Therefore, monitoring your speed each workout can assist one to acquire a good overview of your time in the groove.

Type of treadmill and incline

how long to walk 3 miles

The type of groove influences the time taken to cover a walk. The treadmill’s gradient has proportional outcomes over the period taken to walk. Mastery of trekking and hiking is true because the steepness of the slope can multiply the effort spent in coursing it and increase the time required.

Also, even the slightest adjustment in the gradient can rapidly impact an individual’s time and stamina.

Someone may acquire a slower stride with an uphill pitch inclination and finish a 3-mile distance by walking. Alternatively, choose a flat ground and complete the stroll quicker.

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How Long Does it Take to Walk 3 Miles Depends on Walking Speed?

An individual’s walking speed matters a lot in the period spent on the treadmill. If one is walking 3 miles at three mph, which is considered average for individuals in good shape, one will complete it in 1 hour.

Carrying out cardio exercise and training frequently boosts your walking speed, obtaining above-average scores. One way to improve your walking speed is to practice on a steep slope. This will activate your body and muscles to feel your groove leveled immediately.

Age Factor on How long Does it Take to Walk 3 Miles

Age is also a determining factor in the time taken to cover three miles. 2011 research depicts that, each year over 60 years old, contestants take an additional 1.2 minutes to finish a kilometer (.62 miles). This must be included in the chart to adjudge your actual time if your age is over 60 years old.

How Much Walking is Healthy?

How much walking is healthy

The CDC confirms that a brisk walk is moderate physical exercise. One must do 2 hours and 30 minutes per week for “crucial health benefits.” If one covers three mph, you would need to finish 7.5 miles per week to meet the recommended time frame. That is attainable if one can spread that out for seven days.

If you imagine starting to walk frequently, consider purchasing some special gaming footwear. This can assist you in safeguarding and supporting your joints as you get engaged in the exercise.

Always put your safety at the forefront, including traffic, hazards, and terrain. An hour of strolling may seem too much for beginners, so try a mile first and slowly increase your distance every week.

How is walking time calculated?

With us is a formula to use:

Time is derived by Distance/Speed.

As a demonstration, you may want to understand the time you need to spend walking a 3 miles distance based on your velocity of 3 miles per hour. From there, we will attain the result of an hour using the calculations below;

3 miles divided by 3 miles per hour results in 1 hour.

Table 2: How Long Does it Take to Run 3 Miles

Average PaceAverage Time
1 Mile 9 minutes
2 Miles 18 minutes
3 Miles36 minutes

Is it reasonable to walk 3-Miles for one hour?

Yes. According to various fitness champions, walking 3 or 3.5 for one hour is a lively activity. As usual, brisk exercises have never been disregarded since it’s an excellent and moderate-intensity activity that assists in boosting your physical training.

Does walking a 3-mile count as a workout?

Of course, it is. For example, riding the intensity of 4.5 per hour or hiking a raised slope, you get engaged in an intense exertion that is almost similar to bicycling or jogging.

This is because walking 3-mile for one hour appears to be a moderate activity; you need to increase your level much better towards attaining a convenient workout.

Is it reasonable to walk faster or longer?

As we mentioned earlier you should not be concerned much about how long it takes to walk three miles. Nonetheless, concerning many pieces of research, overweight persons who exercise at a slow rate tend to burn more calories than those walking faster.

Moreover, compared to walking at an energetic speed of 3 miles every hour, the walking pace reduces stress. The stress is minimized on the knee joints by approximately 25%.

Why does it take a longer time to cover 3 miles distance?

As illustrated above, the critical reason is several factors that make it shorter or longer to take. One may shorten that time if one increase their speed or train periodically. Usually, fatigue lowers your moving. 

Still, we don’t advise one to lower it! A slower, more in-depth workout is preferred over a faster, shorter one.

When you are a novice person, the muscles can’t possibly bear up with a steady increase in stride as well. After attaining more than the required body speed, one can get exhausted or, at worse, injure one’s feet. Enjoy your walk.

If you constantly stroll 3 -miles, when you get to know the best areas for a walk. If one doesn’t carry out research, there could be some gorgeous sceneries undiscovered.

One could try a dissimilar stroll each week. There exist clubs and societies of strollers for individuals who converge together and acknowledge walking as an exercise.

Never forget to carry some hydration and food with you anywhere you go. A necessary first aid kit may be a fair idea, mainly if one is far away from town.

Ensure your cellphone is fully charged and one knows where you are. One thing you should bear in mind is getting a treadwheel if one wants the convenience of home strolling.

How Much is Walking Safely?

walking for fun

Slow strolling is deemed moderate physical exercise by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. It should be carried out for 2 hours and 30 minutes every week to harvest “revelatory health advantages.”

That’s 30 minutes each day and five days per week. This is much, far less than 3 miles of strolling. Consequently, it’s advisable to gauge one’s walking duration in time rather than miles traveled.

Walking half an hour every day for a month should result in insufficient weight loss and fitness. This gives room for the beginning of running, and one should be able to undergo 5K treadwheel practice if one faces it slowly.

What are the intermediate steps per mile?

Today’s opinion for heart health, fitness, and weight control is to stroll a minimum of 10000 strides on most days of the week.

Averagely, the strides per mile are 2000; therefore, walking 10,000 strides means walking around 5 miles. We can employ a pedometer to initiate how many strides one takes in a day. It also assists in maintaining track of your progress.

Final words

We have answered your question about how long it takes to walk 3 miles. On a treadwheel, three miles is a perfect distance for one to cover.

One can take an hour strolling three miles, no harm at all; the option lies with you. Carry on, and if you can do so, you should commence running. If you manage to run at six mph (10 minutes per mile), it will take an individual 30 minutes to complete 3- miles.

This is a quick jog. It doesn’t matter how faster you run; we recommend that one should spend 15-30 minutes on the treadwheel to acquire significant health benefits. A tight groove for a small apartment is the way to embrace if one has restricted storage.

So, the time one takes to walk 3 miles does not necessarily depend on one factor but rather on various factors. But despite the factor, walking that distance is very healthy for your body.

Do you think you can reduce more calories when you do that? This will, in the long run, reduce our weight. How about you? How long does it take to walk 3 miles?

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