How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Condoms?

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Buying condoms is usually a very intimidating process, especially for young people. The often belief is that the adults are the ones supposed to purchase condoms, which is why most teenagers often shy away from them. Do you have to be old to buy condoms?

While it may seem awkward and strange when older people see teenagers buying condoms, we don’t think there is an age limit restriction to anyone buying condoms. However, the cashier or the pharmacist might be concerned as a parent if it is sound for him or her to give you the condoms. Whatever the case might be, there is no age issue.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about buying condoms in the United States. Make sure you read until the end to avoid missing any crucial points.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Condoms?

Surprisingly, there is no age limit for buying condoms in the US. This means anyone can walk into the supermarket, health center, drugstore, or vending machine and buy condoms regardless of age.

Most teenagers are usually scared of walking to the drugstore or supermarket to buy condoms because they think it is illegal. If that was the case with you, then know from today that it is legal. You have nothing to fear because you are not violating any law.

Where Can I Buy Condoms?

Now that you know that there is no age limit for buying condoms, probably the following question on your mind is: where can I buy condoms? Condoms are not like weapons, meaning their sale is not restricted.

Condoms are widely available and you can buy them in drugstores, supermarkets, community health centers, and vending machines. Packs of three usually cost between $2 and $6, depending on the brand you purchase. When buying a condom, make sure to purchase them from a reputable store.

Likewise, check the expiry date of the condom. The expiry date is usually stamped on the side of the pack. All genuine condoms are usually tested for defects. However, just like rubber bands, condoms tend to weaken over time. That is why we recommend you buy condoms that have not expired.

Can I Get Condoms For Free?

Absolutely YES. You can get condoms for free from many places, including public health community centers, college and university health offices, your doctor’s clinic, and much more. You can also get them at a highly discounted price at certain drug stores, supermarkets, and health centers.

So, don’t let the cost of condoms be why you are not using them. If you don’t have money to buy them, there are many places where you can get them for free. All that you need to do is walk into these stores and ask.

My Parents Won’t Let Me Buy Condoms; What Should I Do?

Your parents are not letting you buy condoms should not be why you should have unprotected sex. Condoms are widely available, meaning having access to them will not be complicated even if your parent doesn’t want you to use them. More so, there is no age restriction when purchasing condoms.

Even if you are a teenager, you will not land in trouble if you go alone to the drugstore to buy a condom. If you are sexually active, know that it is your responsibility to protect yourself and your partner. So, even if your parents don’t allow you to use them, you should still purchase them.

However, we recommend first trying to talk to your parents if you are sexually active. This could be an uncomfortable topic, especially if your parents are conservative. Still, it is the right thing to do.

If you cannot talk to your parents for whatever reason, you should seek help from a counselor or an adult to feel comfortable talking to. An adult will help you know the benefits of using condoms and teach you how to use them correctly to protect yourself and your partner.

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What Type of Condoms Should I Buy?

With multiple types of condoms on the market, you may be confused about which one to purchase. The right condom to purchase is genuine and has not expired. Other things depend on your preference. However, the reality is that there is not much difference in quality among all these brands.

However, it is essential to know that some brands have a lubricant that produces a different feeling. So, unless you don’t mind the adventure, you should consider the lubricant used on the condom. Also, view the material that the condom is made of. Common materials used include nitrile and latex.

Suppose you have an allergy to a particular type of material. In that case, you should buy a condom made of material that does not affect you.

Medical practitioners also recommend that before you go to condoms, research to know the type of material and lubrication to choose. This way, you can choose one with the features you are looking for.

When Should I Buy Condoms?

You should buy condoms when you need them. When buying condoms, doctors recommend that you buy them in advance because you never know when you may need them. If you think you may need to use a condom in a few days to come, then they advise that you spare some money and buy them in advance.

The amount of money you will spend buying condoms depends on the brands you choose and the quantity. The more condoms you buy, the more money you will pay and vice versa.

What Should I Do If I Am Embarrassed To Buy Condoms?

It is normal to feel embarrassed to buy condoms in public, especially if it is your first time. Even adults who have bought condoms multiple times still feel embarrassed to buy condoms in public.

However, even if you feel ashamed, that should not prevent you from buying condoms. You may assume that everyone around you cares, but, in reality, they don’t. The cashier does not care, nor is the person standing behind you.

Buying condoms is not a crime; thus, you should not feel embarrassed buying them. When you buy condoms, people around you will hold you in high regard because they know you care about your life and your partner.

People should judge you when buying condoms rather than feel embarrassed and be intimate with your partner without using condoms. As a young adult, you have so much ahead of you, which means you should take full control of your life.

Buying and using condoms is not an act of cowardice; it is an act of braveness because it shows that you care about yourself and your partner. So, it is okay to feel embarrassed, but that should not prevent you from buying condoms.

How Many Condoms Should I Buy?

The number of condoms to buy depends on your needs. If you use condoms frequently, then you should buy more condoms. On the other hand, if you don’t use condoms frequently, you can buy just a few condoms. However, it is better to have more condoms than just a few.

Buying more condoms will save you cash because buying them in bulk is cheaper than buying a few pieces. More condoms mean you can have a good time with your partner without worrying that your stock is about to run out.

Tips On How To Buy Condoms

Most people prefer not to talk about their sex life and thus find it weird to buy condoms in public. If many people had a choice, they would choose an option that allows them to buy a condom in secrecy.

Unfortunately, the way things are now, people have no choice but to buy them in public. In this section, we will give you tips on buying condoms.

Buy them in advance

One big mistake people make when buying a condom is waiting until the last minute. If you wait until the last minute, you may not buy them, and you know what that means: putting your life and that of your partner in danger.

Once you are sexually active, the experts recommend that you buy condoms in advance before you even think of using them. This way, you will not have to worry when having a good time with your partner. Condoms have a long shelf life, so buy them in advance and keep them safe until the right moment.

Don’t be afraid to buy condoms in public.

Most people, especially teenagers, are usually afraid to buy condoms in public places like supermarkets and drugstores because they think it is illegal. However, that is not true. You should not be scared of buying condoms in public because no law prohibits you from buying them because of your age.

Remember that the cashier has no power to refuse to sell you condoms because of your age. The cashier may want to know your age, but you don’t have to tell them.

So, even if you don’t have an ID, the cashier should still sell it to you. If the cashier asks you so many questions that you are uncomfortable with, don’t answer them. Instead, leave and buy them elsewhere.

Check the condom’s expiry date.

Like many products made of rubber, condoms also have a shelf life. So, when buying condoms, check the expiry date before making your final decision. Condoms are made of rubber that become less effective once they expire.

So, it is essential to check the expiry date of the condom and make sure you buy one that still has a long shelf life. You will significantly put your life and that of your partner at risk if you buy condoms that have expired.

Know what you want

Before you head to the shop to buy a condom, know exactly what you want to buy. You will fall for anything if you don’t see what you want. Essential things that you need to know when buying condoms include their size and shape, brand, lubrication used, and the quality of material used.

For instance, if you or your partner are allergic to latex, you should avoid buying condoms made of latex. If you have never purchased a condom before, conduct extensive research to know which condom brand has the features you want. You can also seek help from an older person that you trust.

Ask if you have questions.

While at the store, don’t shy away from asking if you have questions or concerns. The cashier may refer you to someone who will help you make the right decision based on your needs.

For instance, if you have narrowed your list to two brands and cannot decide between them, you can ask for help to choose the right brand that will give you the experience you are looking for. Asking for help will help you make the right choice and provide value. 

Information that will help you make an informed decision moving forward.

Final thoughts

If you have been wondering how old you must be to buy condoms, we hope this article has answered your question. There is no age restriction for purchasing and having access to condoms.

Anyone, including a teenager, can buy condoms. The government has not restricted access to condoms to a certain age because they know having condoms is better than not having them.

The government is at the forefront of advocating for safe and responsible sex, so they don’t restrict access to condoms.

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