How Small Is Too Small For a Woman: 7 Secrets All men Should Know

how small is too small for a woman

It’s normal for guys to worry about their penis size, while you can be stunned to know that many women are pretty satisfied with their guy’s penis size. Various studies have proved that many men misjudge what should be “average” size. So which penis size do women prefer?

Although women may differ in their preferences, most prefer the average penis size because some are uncomfortable with long penis. Also, there are other things that some women would choose, like oral sex, which doesn’t necessarily need much length. So we think that you should be ok if you have an average penis size of 4.6 to 6.3 inches.

Just to know, having a large size isn’t a priority for many of the female population. Keep reading not to miss out!

So What Would Be The Borderline For Too Small?

Understandably, men usually get worried about their current penis size. However, much evidence proves that such concern is misplaced and overblown. If you’re worried about how small is too small for a woman, you need to know a few facts beforehand. Let’s know seven facts regarding penis size.

1. Average size of the penis is a lot smaller than assumed

It isn’t a secret thing that men watch porn. Only in 2016, the adult movie industry ranked worth 13 billion. However, it is vital to know porn is only a fantasy, not a reality. Among adults’ general stories, films show that huge penises are a common thing. Also, it presents a false notion that women are turned on only through erections that are too large.

Average penis measurements are around 4.6 inches to 6.4 inches. It means that it’s quite natural to have five inches – these are pretty common.

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Just like people don’t typically have the bodies of porn stars, the average guy does not have an oversized penis. And for the overwhelming regular gals majority, it is a lot more than only fine. Thus, packing a huge dick can sometimes also be a turn-off.

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To know why remember that the average vagina only measures around 3.76 inches. Thus, for any lady, a man with five inches penis size is generally more than enough. Going longer than this can also result in painful sexual intercourse for women.

2. Having the correct sex position Matters more than the right size

Men must know that penetration alone doesn’t typically do it for women. In this regard, the penis is not helpful when it is about having an orgasm.

Instead, 37 percent of women say that they require clitoris stimulation to come. Try not to get this wrong, but penetration feels good when combined with clitoral stimulation.

When you feel like your penis size is relatively short, you should favor the doggy style, as the position provides you more advantage.

Also, you can try elevating the hips of the woman by placing her pelvis on a cushion or a pillow. Then, you can have her legs pulled to her chest. It helps in deeper penetration, which feels suitable for both partners.

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It is usual for men to wish they had a few more inches. However, having larger doesn’t mean having better. A larger penis sometimes also results in a low climax for the man, especially when the partner is small.

3. Genital compatibility

Just like penises, Vaginas can vary a lot in size and shape. Because of it, females can sometimes get worried about what others consider normal.

However, some variations among vaginas can be challenging to measure, as the vagina is an internal muscle that can change its shape accordingly to where a person is in the menstrual cycle, whether they’re pregnant and other factors.

A few people have many narrow vaginas compared to other people. Someone’s vagina can also become shallow, with a cervix closer to the entrance to facilitate deeper penetration.

While this can sometimes work great for a short penis, with a longer penis, it might make the penetration painful or difficult.

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It is a myth that the vaginas can get loose with frequent sex or age. Elastic vagina muscles can stretch while returning to their shape. However, any harm to pelvic muscles might change the feel of the intercourse.

4. Even with small penis size, long-term relationships can work fine

Sex in long-term relationships can get comfortable with the growth of the relationship. As you and your partner become strong in a sexual relationship, the size doesn’t matter.

As both partners know about their preferences, dislikes, and likes in sexual intercourse, size is generally out of the question.

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However, the size might matter when it is about hookups or one-night stands. However, the girth matters rather than the length.

Pleasure mostly gets related to the penis girth rather than the length. Although, when doing it the right way, it might not at all matter.

5. It’s rare to have a small penis

If you consider your package relatively tiny for women, you need to again think about it as having a small penis is quite rare.

Less than 1% of men have a micropenis, measured as 2? inches or less (when erect). This condition gets noticed when the baby is born, so it isn’t something about which you should worry when you’re an adult.

A treatment is present for micropenis, and it can get treated through surgeries or hormonal therapy. So, if you consider yourself tiny, you can consider carefully measuring it again.

6. Large size isn’t generally desired

It’s normal for men to be fascinated to add more inches to their penis. However, most women don’t prefer the large size. Average vagina measurements are around 3.77 inches long, so rocking a large penis isn’t any problem for people.

Many women, especially those with petite bodies, complain about having painful sex because of their partner’s larger penis size.

Even guys having larger-than-average penises are concerned about their sizes.

If you’re someone who thinks of yourself to be small, no need to worry as you’re not the only one. The research found that guys have skewed perceptions about their penis sizes.

According to a study, there have been concerns about penis commonly with even people of larger than average size.

In the study, around 30 percent of men with larger-than-average penises thought they were tiny. According to researchers, a simple reason is that a man’s penis can naturally appear small when he looks down straight. This is a simple optical illusion!


If you’re someone who mostly remains anxious about their penis size is too little, you should stop worrying about it too much, as your penis is quite fine. How much little is considered too little? Well, many women don’t complain that your size is relatively small for satisfying women.

For performance improvement, sometimes you can ask the partner about their preferences. Also, remember that only penetration doesn’t make the woman orgasm.

It can also make you satiated but not the partner, so performance and communication is the key to an extraordinary sexual experience for both partners to be satisfied.

Remember that many women don’t have many worries about it, so you shouldn’t be worried about how small is too small for a woman.

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