How To Get Rid of Side Boob Fat (7 Simple Exercises)

While people sometimes wish they can reduce fat on one specific part of the body, this would only become reality if someone goes for laser liposuction. As such many women are struggling with how to get rid of side boob fat and under boob fat.

While there are various ways to get rid of side boob fat, one should note that there are three main ways to remove your side boob fat. The first and quickest way is through laser liposuction and cool sculpting. The second is an obvious diet and the last is exercise. For exercise, you can follow these 7 simple steps:

  • Wall press exercises to get rid of side boob fat
  • Legs up
  • Shoulder shrugs: simple but effective
  • Push-ups
  • Swimming
  • Cardio workouts: for those who can’t lift the weights
  • Yoga practice: learn breathing techniques

In this article, I share how to get rid of side boob fat and under boob fat. Keep reading the article to get-well detailed information. Let’s get started!

Exercises That Involve Getting Rid of Side Boob Fat

Exercises That Involve Getting Rid of Side Boob Fat

There are many exercises you can do to help reduce fat on the side of your boobs. The exercises include:

1. Wall press exercises to get rid of side boob fat

It is a technique that is very effective in reducing side boobs fat. You can perform wall press in the following way:

Face the wall and put your hands on the wall, then press your arms and move your body to the wall. Then return to your previous position and redo the exercise once more. You should do at least two or three repeats for thirty seconds each. The breast line will benefit after several weeks of workout.

2. Legs up

Leg raising exercise is very beneficial to your breast line. It works with abdominal muscles and helps form the bottom line of your boobs. The leg-up movement will make your boob bust feel firm and small. You can perform legs up in the following way:

First, you will lay on the floor and ensure your hands are stretched on the sides of your body. Raise the legs from the floor and ensure they are straight. Between your body and leg, maintain a ninety-degree angle. Then after a while, return the legs to the floor. Moreover, ensure your back is straight and avoid lifting it from the bottom when performing this exercise.

3. Shoulder shrugs: simple but effective

Shoulder shrugs target trapezius muscles and works with the upper line of the boobs. You can use water bottles or dumbbells for additional weight. Shoulder shrugs help you to get rid of side boob fat, strengthen shoulder blades and make back muscles powerful. You can perform a shoulder shrug in the following way:

Stand straight, and your legs should be within shoulder width. Your hands should be hanging along the body. Shrug the shoulders up for three seconds and lower them. Repeat this four or five times.

4. Push-ups

Push-ups to get rid of side boob fat

The popular exercise for reducing side boob fat is push-ups. You can perform push-ups to reduce side boob fat in the following way:

Lay on the floor with your stomach. Your hands should be underneath your shoulders. Then lift yourself using your hands’ power. Maintain a ninety-degree angle with your hands while doing this. After that, lay down for a few seconds and repeat the exercise five or ten times.

If you are having difficulty doing this classical push-up, try bent-knee push-ups. The bent knee works the same as classical on your body.

5. Swimming

Swimming: Is it the best exercise for getting rid of side boob fat?

Swimming is an excellent way to reduce your side boob fat. The strokes help in lowering your armpit fat and side boob fat. Swimming works with your shoulder and chest muscles.

Doing this improves your boob’s form by making them firm and reducing their cup size. Moreover, back and front stroking involves different muscles and tones in every part of your body.

6. Cardio workouts: for those who can’t lift the weights

6. Cardio workouts: for those who can't lift the weights

If you cannot lift weights, you should go for cardio exercises. Cardio workouts are very beneficial; they help in boosting your metabolism. These workouts are more effective in reducing side boob fat than intense strength exercises.

Moreover, cardio workouts such as cycling, jogging, and running help shed overall weight faster. However, the boobs will be the first part of the body to lose fat.

7. Yoga practice: learn breathing technique

Yoga practice: learn breathing technique

Yoga has great benefits to the body, and boob shaping is among them. Some yoga exercises are great and very effective in reducing and getting rid of side boob fat. For example, Bikram yoga focuses on the upper part of the body. It contains two breathing techniques and twenty-six asanas.

However, it would be best if you practiced in the presence of a coach to avoid injuries. You should not do Bikram yoga for more than thirty minutes. If you have high blood pressure and heart problems, you need to be careful with this yoga.

What Causes Fat On Side or Under Boob and How to Get Rid of it?

Breast development begins when you are born and continues developing even during puberty. It ends when you reach menopause. Moreover, each stage has several different steps. Several causes can make your breasts fat. The causes include:

1. Pregnancy


During pregnancy, your body will experience hormonal changes. The changes start from the thirteenth to the twenty-seventh week leading to an increase in breast size. After delivery, you are supposed to be on a heavy diet because of breastfeeding.

After you are done with breastfeeding, your body weight may reduce or increase. Therefore, an increase in weight during and after pregnancy is average. It includes having under and side fat on your breast. It is advisable to start doing exercises.

2. Genetics


Genetics plays a vital role in diseases including obesity and diabetes. It also includes body shapes. Genetic diseases are passed on from one generation to the next. In the same way, there can be genes for being fat in a family.

These genes of fatness are passed on from one generation to the next. In the same way, a particular age is known for having fat breasts, and these genes are passed on to the next generation. Therefore, having fat breasts can be genetic. It explains why in some families, all members are fat.

3. Medication


Medication is one common reason why people are gaining weight. If you take certain medications, they have a side effect of gaining weight. You cannot control where the extra fat is deposited in your body.

You may have deposits in the breasts; other fat deposits include the stomach or buttocks. If the extra fat becomes deposited on your boobs, they will increase in size. Whenever you are taking any medicine, check its side effects. If it has a side effect of gaining weight, ask for an alternative.

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4. Obesity


If you are obese, you will have extra fat in your boobs. Moreover, you will have excess fat below your belly. When you are obese, the extra fat goes to your fat deposits. If your fat deposition is mostly on your boobs, be sure your boobs will increase in size.

Obesity is mainly caused by your lifestyle, increasing your body weight. Obesity causes an increase in body weight, and you could be at risk of getting certain diseases. The diseases include heart attack, high blood pressure, and stroke.

5. Hormones

Hormone imbalance in your body could lead to excess fat on the side and under the boobs. If your boobs are becoming prominent and your body weight has not changed, visit a doctor. The doctor will run tests to confirm if it is a hormone imbalance occurring in your body.

A hormone imbalance of progesterone and estrogen causes extra fat in your body. The levels of these hormones need to be at optimum. Moreover, an increase or a decrease in these hormones will see your boobs change.

Does Spot Reduce Exercises Work To Get Rid of Side Boob Fat?

Spot Reducing is whereby you only exercise the parts with excess. It involves doing belly, armpit, boobs, thighs, and butt exercises. Many people believe doing spot exercises focused on their fat deposit areas will reduce the fat in those areas.

However, spot reduction does not work, and you will not lose fat in those areas. When you want to reduce fat in your body, you should focus on your whole body. The exercises should be regular and intense. Also, keep in mind to eat a balanced diet.

The reason why spot reduction does not work is that fat is stored energy. It is recruited in equal amounts from the different body parts during exercises. The fat is sent to other t muscles where it gets burned.

If you want to reduce fat on the side and under your boobs, you need to do exercises involving total body movements. Moreover, exercises that use large groups of muscles such as lunges squats, and running.

After doing these total body movement exercises, you can add spot-reducing workouts to your routine. If you use this approach, be sure that Spot Reducing will work for you. It will help to tighten and tone those specific areas of your body.

How to Get Rid of Under Boob Fat?

There are different ways you can get rid of fat underneath your boob. They include:

1. Massage

If you want to get rid of fat rolls underneath your boobs, go for a massage. Massage helps relax the body and reduces sticky fat. Massaging your boobs at least once or twice a week can help reduce fat under your boob.

You try a boob massage if you have fat underneath your boobs. Massage breaks down the fatty tissues on your boobs and increases blood circulation to the boobs. Furthermore, it helps in shaping your boobs.

2. Weight lifting

This exercise is an effective way of getting rid of fat under your boobs. Weight lifting majorly focuses on the chest area. Moreover, you do not need to lift weights daily.

Twice or once a week will produce great results. It is advisable to consult your doctor before weightlifting if you have chest health-related problems.

3. Green tea

Consuming green tea is also effective in reducing fat under your boobs. Moreover, green tea has antioxidants that will help convert extra under your boobs to energy. You should make a daily routine of drinking green tea.

If you decide to use green tea to burn fat underneath your boobs, you need to have a schedule. Furthermore, you need to adhere to it strictly. It is best to drink green tea after eating food or after workouts or yoga.

4. Aerobics

They involve intense workouts that burn fat in every part of your body. Aerobics includes exercises such as speed walking, running, and jumping. These exercises help reduce your overall body weight.

These exercises increase the rate of metabolism in your body and convert excess fat into energy. The fat-burning in your body involves drawing fat from a part of your body that has excess fat. If you do aerobics, you can be sure that the fat under your boobs will reduce.

5. Yogasana

If you do not like sweating during exercises, yoga asana would be the best choice. It will help remove the fat rolls under your boobs. Moreover, yogasana helps to balance the mind and soul fitness.

Moreover, Yogasana types include Bridge, Wall Pressing, Prayer Pose, and Surya Namaskar. These asanas directly impact the upper part of the body and help reduce fat under the boobs. However, if you want to get all these benefits of yoga, you will need to practice under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

6. Flaxseed

Not only will you lose weight on the boobs but the whole body. Another way of reducing fat under your breasts is using flax seeds. Flaxseeds are dietary fiber with high protein and low in calories and sugar.

Consuming these seeds will see you lose weight within a few weeks. The fiber helps remove sticky and old fat. Moreover, these seeds promote better digestion and reduce overeating.

7. Push-ups

You can do push-ups; they affect the chest area and the lower part of the chest. They tighten the muscles of the stomach. You can be sure if you maintain a consistent routine of push- up the fat under your boobs will reduce.

One month is enough to see tremendous change, provided you adhere to your workout routine. You can combine doing push-ups and jogging or running for faster results.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, getting rid of boob fat on the side and under your boobs has various methods. However, it is vital to know the cause of excess fat in your boobs. It will help you use the correct approach to eliminate the fat. Moreover, it is essential to combine full-body workouts with targeted exercises on different body parts.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. Feel free to use this article as a guide to help you eliminate fat from your boobs. You can also share this article with family, friends, and colleagues.

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