What are the Pros and Cons of Sperm Retention?

what are the pros and cons of sperm retention

The name of the sexual act or device doesn’t need much explanation. When a man practices sperm retention, he is taking steps to keep the semen inside his body rather than allowing it to ejaculate. What are the pros and cons of sperm retention?


  • It helps produce more semen.
  • It enables you to store more energy.
  • It makes sperm flow.
  • It leads to explosive sex.


  • It kills confidence
  • It lowers self-esteem
  • It cuts off the sex drive

Some who save sperm say that this definition is not 100% accurate. Some say a man can be sexually active – he needs to stop ejaculating. Those who retain denser semen are different.

Men naturally shed seeds during foreplay when ejaculation comes out of the penis to provide natural lubrication. Therefore, they should refrain from sexual activity even if ejaculation stops. Whichever definition you use, the message is clear: these people believe that saving sperm is beneficial.

Benefits of Sperm Retention

Sperm retention has its pros and cons. Nevertheless, let’s start with its pros. While there are many great things about sex, the best of them is that sex is rarely the same every time. Orgasm is an excellent example; each orgasm feels slightly different from the others.

While some orgasms feel aloof in just one area, you barely feel any arousal; some powerful orgasms can be so powerful that they seem to run through your body and make every part explode with pleasure.

So what’s the difference? Many factors make sperm conservation a best practice.

1) It helps produce more loads.

One of the benefits that semen retainers advertise is that it allows a man to produce a more significant load – and there is undoubtedly some truth to this.

However, this largely depends on a man’s regular ejaculation schedule and how it will change if he keeps the semen. A man who masturbates twice a day and less than twice a week should notice some difference as he gives his body more time to produce sperm.

However, a man who ejaculates once a week and decides to store sperm for an entire month will not increase sperm production.

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2) It helps you store more energy.

Some argue that the fewer ejaculations, the more energy. This is because one of the hormones released during ejaculation is prolactin, which makes a man feel a little sleepy.

But it is doubtful that this alone would account for the more energetic feeling. This effect may be more pronounced in men who regularly masturbate for an extended period before bed and sleep more when they stop ejaculating.

3) Makes sperm flow

For men who want to have a baby, semen retention makes sense, as abstaining from ejaculation for a week or so is associated with increased sperm motility or how well they can swim.

Similarly, some believe testosterone levels will increase when a man shoots less. However, research must test how it works and whether the difference is significant.

4) Extends a person’s life?

Some enthusiasts believe that semen storage can extend a man’s life and improve cognitive function. What happens if you stay in bed with her longer, bring her to orgasm, bring orgasm?

Your penis will act as a sucker, sucking the energy out of her, putting her strength and power into the “life force account.” If you notice after sex and ejaculate, you are ready to sleep.

If she doesn’t have an orgasm, she’s prepared to watch TV: energy, your strength, your life force. Keep up the excellent work, and live healthier, but certainly not happier.

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5) This leads to explosive sex.

After orgasm, your body increases the amount of sperm it stores to compensate for ejaculation. After about three days, the optimal amount of sperm is maintained, and the body begins to reabsorb any additional amount.

Therefore, three days is usually the optimal time for the best orgasm. The key to understanding why this improves orgasm is understanding a thing or two about semen retention.

The more semen you store, the more muscular and prolonged muscle contractions are required for ejaculation. More robust and more prolonged muscle contractions mean a stronger orgasm.

While more than three days means some sperm is reabsorbed, less than three days means insufficient. Therefore, avoid leaving more than three days between orgasms to become stronger.

Sperm Retention Cons

Now that we’ve dealt with the pros of sperm retention, what are the cons?

1) Confidence killed

One main element that makes men what we are today is our confidence in life. Without trust, we might never get promoted at work, never meet the partner of our dreams, or never achieve any of the goals we set for ourselves as adults.

But if you’ve had low sperm retention for any time, the problem will always be on your mind, not just in the bedroom with your unhappy partner.

A man without confidence is like a car without wheels, a sailboat without sails. You feel inferior, affecting how you present yourself to others, whether your family, colleagues, or partner.

In the bedroom, it’s a mood killer for you and your partner. You may reach a stage where you don’t feel like having sex because you know you’ll lose control and come in too soon.

She’s tired of her husband, who can’t perform for her, and lacks self-confidence so much that it is forbidden to have sex, but the barrier between the two of you is getting bigger every day.

2) Killing self-esteem

Self-esteem is closely related to your level of confidence. When your self-esteem takes a big hit, it’s hard to get back on your feet after the crash.

If negative voices are constantly attacking your self-esteem in your head and a terrible situation in the bedroom, it’s no wonder your sex life has fallen into a dark pit of misery.

If you can’t get out of the black hole of self-esteem destruction, you might always struggle to return to the person you used to be.

3) Cut off sex drive

If the first two effects of reducing sperm retention are not harmful enough, this effect worsens things. If you have little or no self-confidence and low self-esteem, is it any wonder why you can’t bring yourself to think about sex with your partner? Of course not.

Sex is for two people who want to explore, have fun and satisfy their partners’ sexual needs. If you’re burdened with all the negativity going through your head due to confidence and self-esteem issues, sex will probably be the last thing on your mind.

How to do Sperm Retention?

Cum retention exercises are straightforward and do not take much time. Premature ejaculation exercises are beneficial if you tend to experience ejaculation before your partner has had his fill!

Many men are sometimes ashamed to discuss sexual dysfunction with doctors and sexologists. You don’t need particular medications or specialist advice to treat this problem.

You can practice early ejaculation exercises to help you control this situation. It is an effective, fast, and economical method of treatment.

Just do these exercises for 10 minutes while you have sex! Four common types of activities will help you in this situation. Read the following paragraphs to find out!

Exercise for premature ejaculation is psychologically and physiologically beneficial. If you talk about early ejaculation exercises, their condition is similar to a weight loss and diet program! You will hardly restore the muscles of the penis if you do not train them regularly.

These exercises target a muscle group in the penis called the PC or pubococcygeus muscle. These PCs look like “swings” extending from the pubic bone to the coccyx. Its function is to control ejaculation and urination. If you do these exercises regularly, you will manage them.

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a) Quick press

A common problem for penile dysfunction is tensing their PC muscles, resulting in a faster orgasm. You can do a quick squeeze three to five times a day for a few seconds.

By doing them, you will be able to notice the movements of your PC muscles and control them before ejaculation.

b) Stop and go

You can try doing “Squeeze and Flex” while urinating. When urinating, stop the flow of urine halfway through. Pay attention to changes in the muscles of the penis. These tossing exercises will give them a lot of relief!

Natural remedies are more effective ways to treat low sperm retention problems and help you improve yourself on how long you stay in bed to give maximum pleasure.

Breathing and pelvic muscle training can go a long way toward achieving stronger erections and controlling delayed ejaculation. Triple breathing is an effective method that you must learn.

This method is performed by natural breathing and counting from the head for 5-7 seconds while holding the breath. Then you release the breath and then keep it again. You can do this often to increase your stamina.

Diaphragmatic breathing is another method you can learn. This is done by placing a hand on the chest and the other hand on the stomach. You have to breathe air through your lungs because your chest is barely rising, and your belly is expanding.

Best performance requires slow and longer air breaths so your body can absorb everything you inhale. Stay relaxed, and don’t overexert your breath for the best results.

c) Stop and start

During and outside of your workout, you masturbate with dry hands. Do this three to four times daily, then ejaculate at the end.

You will feel comfortable! Once you reach the point of masturbation, you need to stop masturbating until you can control your ejaculation.

d) Slow-release

Slow-release is one of the main pulse ejection exercises. One would need to tense his computer muscles for five seconds. Grab them and then release them by force. Although it may seem complicated, this endurance will gradually increase as you exercise.

One of the benefits of reckless ejaculation exercises is that you can do them independently, in your spare time, without any supervision from a doctor or sex therapist.

It is also not complicated, not difficult, and does not require many hours of practice. Furthermore, you don’t have to stress any side effects as it is a natural way to treat premature ejaculation. And most importantly, you will not pay a penny for this treatment.

It is suggested to use organic male health pills and these premature ejaculation exercises. These pills and supplements will improve your performance. Herbal supplements eliminate the possibility of side effects.

If you practice these premature ejaculation exercises correctly, you can satisfy your partner! Before doing these exercises, you must identify your problems.

Unfortunately, you cannot solve this problem in one day on your own! It would help if you waited a while to feel the results of these exercises. Also, don’t go for activities that you don’t like.

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We have discussed the pros and cons of sperm retention. Finally, for many men, sperm retention is not the norm. Most men try to lose as much as possible, but sperm retention is part of the vitality or energy needed for good health, stamina, strength, and longevity for a Chinese martial artist.

The monks kept themselves away from women; sperm preservation is essential. Some people assume that when you use it, you lose it. Both sides can go to the extreme.

You may contact your medical doctor; hence, the article does not advocate any theory but evaluates the pros and cons of sperm retention. This is because they do not reach orgasm as often as men and therefore do not lose their vitality.

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