Why Does Your Girlfriend Feel Loose Sometimes?

The vagina is one of the organs best known and, at the same time, the most complex organ of the female body. Although most people know what it is, doubts about problems can arise. Such issues as a loose vaginal, occur all the time. But why?

While males might be confused and think that whenever a vagina is loose means that their partner is cheating, the main reason for vaginal looseness is that your partner is attracted to your masculinity too much and cannot resists your touches. As a result, her vagina through excitement starts to release fluid, and if you communicate she will tell you she is wet.

Other vaginal looseness causes we discuss in detail below include:

  • Aging
  • Normal birth
  • Illness
  • Overweight and sedentary life
  • Hormonal changes
  • Vaginal discharge

We have more in our discussion below, keep reading!

What is a loose vagina And Its Causes?

A loose vagina is a phenomenon that occurs due to the relaxation of the vaginal muscles. Such relaxation could be a normal birth or, more commonly, a woman’s advanced age. This problem happens quite often in middle-aged women, especially after menopause.

Are you still asking yourself, why does your girlfriend feel loose?

Take note that this does not bring great harm and some women consider it normal. However, it can be a serious issue for you.

But despite this, vaginal sagging can bother many women. This is because the vagina is both for the aesthetic issue and the fact that they feel good about themselves.

For this reason, many seek treatments and ways to solve this problem. But to understand how to treat a loose vagina, it is first necessary to understand its causes. Here are the causes:

a) Aging

why does my girlfriend fee loose sometimes

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As your girlfriend ages, the muscle tone changes, and the musculature of the vagina region, results in a loose vagina. Further, the whole body’s musculature loses its vigor.

After menopause, a woman may notice atrophy due to a decrease in hormones. Its cause is narrowing of the vaginal tube and reduced lubrication.

The leading cause of loose vaginas is the advanced age of women. This is a tragedy that is something that ends up reaching everyone.

Lifestyle habits such as the number of pelvic exercises women practice over the years might give you a clue: “why does your girlfriend feel loose?”

And even prolong the elasticity of the vagina. Still, the tendency is that, even so, sagging ends up arriving at some point, even if it is more mildly.

The estrogen decrease with menopause combined with other factors such as a sedentary lifestyle or smoking directly influences vaginal sagging.

This can happen much earlier in women who have less healthy lifestyle habits. Contrary, those who are more concerned about their health might be safe.

b) Normal Birth

a woman giving birth,

Normal birth can be tricking you to ask yourself, “why does my girlfriend feel loose?”

We cannot fail to mention that a woman can have vaginal sagging after a normal birth. Further, this is very normal, regardless of age.

Standard delivery requires the vagina to stretch for the baby to pass. According to physicians, babies weighing up to 3.5 kg have the diameter of the head as the broadest part of the body.

What it means, is that there are no difficulties. However, larger babies may have a shoulder diameter larger than their heads. 

It is worth remembering that with the successive occurrence of births, some muscles do not return to their original elasticity properties, becoming wider than normal.

The bigger the child, the more the vagina must distend and the longer the delivery can be. Both factors can influence the disruption of tissues around the vagina that support it and, thus, cause sagging”, explains the doctor.

It is essential to understand that the vagina is part of the pelvic, formed by the pelvic organs, such as the bladder, supported by muscles and ligaments, the urethra, uterus, rectum, and intestine.

Weakening or injury to the pelvic can generate several complications in women, like a loose vagina. For example, anatomical changes or the influence of hormones, such as relaxin, makes the pelvic muscles soft for childbirth. This can be a factor in explaining your question, about why your girlfriend feels loose sometimes.  

c) Illness

why does my girlfriend feel loose sometimes: sick

Some people have noticed a change after their girlfriend got sick. How you should not be defending and by saying, why does your girlfriend feel loose sometimes? It is this that your one needs you the most. It is best that you understand.

Diseases involving collagen such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and myopathies can also cause vaginal sagging. Surgeries in the region, such as removing the uterus, can also alter the area’s tissues. Similarly, the treatment of radiological cancer can also result in tissue removal.

d) Overweight and Sedentary Life

why doe my girlfriend feel loose sometimes: overweight

Being overweight and sedentary can weaken your vaginal muscles. As with other muscle groups, physical activity is key to strengthening them. Yes, this might be the correct scenario in addressing, why your girlfriend feels loose.

There are several exercises focused on the work of the pelvic floor, whose function is to tone this area. It can prevent incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and vaginal flaccidity.

e) Hormonal Changes

hormonal changes

Physiological disorders that occur during climacteric and menopause can trigger vaginal loose. Also, when you ask why your girlfriend feels loose sometimes might mean you care a lot about her. A hormonal imbalance increases the loss of vaginal firmness due to changes in the mucosa that protects the area.

Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Feels Looser Than Usual

If your girl is loose than usual, then it might be due to various reasons mentioned below;

She might be aroused- If you are aroused, the vagina walls will relax, thus becoming loose. Since she is wet, you may feel as if she is open.

She is on periods- When a woman is on period, the vagina is always wet. When you have sex with her, your penis won’t rub the vaginal wall. However, it would slip inside easily, making you feel she is loose.

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Vaginal Sagging Signs

Vaginal sagging is accompanied by some very clear and easy-to-identify signs. We will talk about each of them to better understand what it is. They are:

1. Vaginal Dryness

This is one of the primary and most apparent signs of a loose vagina. It affects women mainly in their sex life, as dryness can cause pain and even bleeding.

2. Vaginal Flatus

Another sign of a loose vagina is flatus, which is typical in any condition but much more frequent in a flaccid vagina. What happens is that, during the sexual act, the man’s penis ends up pushing more air into the vagina.

This air usually comes out somehow and makes this uncomfortable noise for many people. Therefore, excessive flatus is a sign of a loose vagina.

3. Lack of libido

The big issue here is that, as a woman’s vagina presents several differences from what she’s used to, this can make her uncomfortable.

Sometimes she would prefer not to have as much sexual activity anymore. In addition to the psychological issue, the difficulties that the lack of lubrication brings make it a challenge for a woman to reach orgasm.

4. Urinary incontinence

One problem that is not linked to sexual intercourse is urinary incontinence. The low strength of the vaginal muscles makes it difficult for the woman to hold the urine. This becomes one of the symptoms that most bother women with vaginal sagging.

Does A Loose Vagina Get in the way of Sexual Life?

Overall, we can say yes. In addition to the issues of vaginal musculature and dryness, which make it difficult for women to have pleasure in their sexual relations. There is also the psychological issue.

A woman who doesn’t feel good about her own body can’t have a good sex life. This can affect her mind in many other spheres of life.

Because it is one of the main consequences of vaginal sagging. Many women end up looking for a solution.

When To Pay Attention?

 According to Alexandre Pupo, there is internal and external sagging. In internal flaccidity, there is an increase in the diameter of the vaginal tube that can retain air during sex.

After the penis is withdrawn, air comes out, giving the impression of a vaginal flatus. This can be a sign of flaccidity. The formation of a ball at the vaginal entrance is another sign.

This sign occurs when the anterior walls sag, the bladder, or posterior walls, near the rectum. When the intimate region looks flaccid, many women can suffer a hit in self-esteem.

Some people explain that during sex, it is challenging to perceive vaginal flaccidity. This is because the entire sensory part of the woman is at the entrance of the vagina.

Another sign of vaginal sagging is urinary incontinence due to efforts such as walking, getting up from a sitting position, carrying weight, or coughing.

How to Make Your Vag Tighter (Solution)

With advancing age, it is normal for women to experience a loosening of the pelvic floor muscles, which can cause the vaginal canal to widen.

Fortunately, some treatments can alleviate the effects of vaginal sagging and make the woman able to deal with all its main symptoms.

Regular deliveries can cause the same thing. However, it is rare for the muscles not to return to normal after a while. Anyway, it is possible to learn how to make the vagina tight. We will give you essential tips on the subject.

How a loose vagina hurts your sex life

When the vagina becomes loose and enlarged, sexual intercourse is highly impaired, both for women and men.

Women have a big difference in their sensitivity. This results from the friction of a penis with the vaginal walls being compromised. With this, the stimuli are reduced. Consequently, it harms the sensations of pleasure and consequently the arrival of orgasm.

On the other hand, the man feels the penis “loose” inside the vagina. He thus cannot maintain an erection during sexual intercourse.

This situation has profound consequences, such as

  • Feelings of frustration, shame, and lack of confidence.
  • Low self-esteem and feelings of impotence.
  • Lack of libido, end of the desire to have sex.
  • Disagreements between the couple with the possibility of betrayal

So if you’re experiencing this, it’s time to act fast.

a) Strengthening the Pelvic Muscles

pelvic muscle exercise

The enlargement that the vagina can go through, can be avoided with exercises that strengthen the pelvic muscles.

This is because, over time, the vaginal canal can enlarge. In this way, for your results to be efficient, activities can be done before, during, and even after childbirth.

This exercise is not limited to women who recently gave birth. Enjoy and check out how to avoid enlargement of the vagina after birth.

b) Practice gymnastics at your home


We remind you that training can be done by women of all ages but not when you are currently in the first trimester of your pregnancy.

This practice is indicated for better self-knowledge and health maintenance. Suppose you already have any of the conditions mentioned earlier.

In that case, we recommend that you seek medical or physical therapy help before starting training on your own. So let’s go.

c) Kegel exercises 

Kegel exercise

These exercises are simple, but they require a good knowledge of your own body. So the first step is to make sure you are moving the right muscles.

Take advantage of the time to pee and do small tests, holding and releasing the urine. By doing this control successfully, you will already be moving precisely the muscles part of intimate gymnastics.

It is possible to exercise lying down, sitting, or standing. Still, a good start is to start modeling, as the position facilitates a better perineal perception.

These exercises only help the vagina get tight and prevent problems such as urinary incontinence, which becomes more common in older women.

If this occurs, it is possible that urine leaks when laughing, coughing, and even having sex. In addition, working the muscles in the vagina region allows the woman to feel and give more pleasure during the sexual act.

The Kegel exercises help in vaginal muscle contraction. When done regularly, it can go a long way toward improving not only vaginal loosening but also preventing a woman’s bladder from “going down,” which also helps with incontinence.

This exercise should not be done when a woman has urinary tract infections or is menstruating. This can lead to ailments or worsen existing ones.

d) Do squats


Try this yoga burn exercise

Doing squats have also been reported to help with the loose vagina issue.

How to do it?

  • Let your legs and shoulder-width apart while you stand upright, plus your arms at your sides lower your glutes in a fast motion. 
  • Besides, don’t forget that your hips should be higher than your knees and that your knees don’t go over your feet.
  • Also, hold for a few seconds and carefully climb to the starting position.

Start with sets of 10 repetitions and gradually increase to 30.

Include these exercises in your training routine, and then discover their benefits in weeks.

e) Pompoir Techniques

Another way to make the vagina tighter is with pompoir techniques, an ancient method created in India and improved in Thailand, which also has the proposal to strengthen the vaginal muscles.

Specialists say that gymnastics with the balls and pendulums used in pompoir fight the cramps. But it is essential to seek professional guidance to perform it, as accessories, when misused, can cause damage to the vagina.

f) Through Electrostimulation

Other techniques, such as electrostimulation and biofeedback, prevent vaginal sagging and make it tighter. Also, the surgical procedure called perineoplasty corrects the lack of elasticity in the vagina.

Both approaches use devices to stimulate and contract the vagina; only licensed physical therapists should perform this procedure. However, it is mainly indicated when health problems are related to the condition.

g) Applying a Gel

Another way to tighten the vagina is to apply a gel that you can find in sex stores. Some call it vaginal astringent or vaginal reducer. Its purpose is to narrow and tighten the vaginal canal.

However, experts explain that astringent products strip the vagina’s natural lubrication, drying the vagina and making it feel smaller.

Therefore, penetration must be delicate; otherwise, it can hurt. In addition, the product is not suitable for women with a deficiency in the natural lubrication of the vagina.

h) Laser treatment

Laser treatments are relatively modern and are one of the fastest options for a woman’s recovery. This procedure stimulates collagen production. It helps maintain firmness in the vagina, preventing the various problems that vaginal sagging can cause.

i) Vaginal Filling

The vaginal filling is a slightly more invasive technique. It often uses the woman’s fat to fill the slack parts of the vagina. As a woman, you would need two weeks of recovery to feel your vagina firmer.

j) Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a slightly longer process that requires several sessions. Still, it is equally effective in restoring the muscles and firmness of the vagina.

Kegel exercises can even be part of the physiotherapist’s method and other techniques. Its instruments stimulate and recover the strength of the vaginal muscles.

k) Keep your healthy diet.

This is not only for your health, but it creates a balance between your body weight and maintains good collagen production.

Women don’t usually admit it, but what most influences a relationship is the quality of sex. The lack of pleasurable sex leads to various frustrations, regardless of who is to blame.

Furthermore, when there is no satisfying sexual relationship (both men and women), they, unfortunately, seek pleasure outside the home.

So that influences a lot, and what was a good relationship can end up in disappointment, frustration, and separation.

When the couple has a stable relationship, they have to do their best to keep the relationship warm. Imagine when the love is at its peak; any touch would become sparks that excite and end up on fire.

Why Does Your Girlfriend Feel Loose: Is It Pleasurable?

How can it be, if someone is asking, why does my girlfriend feel loose sometimes? It means it worries the boyfriend and is not pleasurable.

Sex should be pleasurable for him and her. With children, sexual intercourse decreases!

Not because of the children, but because of the increase in the size of the vaginal canal. A loose vagina may result from simple reasons such as normal childbirth and aging.

Why does vaginal sagging significantly interfere with the quality of your sexual intercourse?

First, when the vagina is more flaccid, the sensation of penetration of the penis is less intense. This is a scenario for both, those who can perceive this laxity, and for the woman.

With the wider vaginal canal, penetration is less pleasurable. In addition, you will also notice a big difference in your sensitivity.

Suppose, for some time now, you have noticed that your sensitivity is no longer the same. Further, the vaginal sagging is knocking at the door. In that case, this indicates that you need to work on your intimate muscles.

Other common symptoms are vaginal dryness, pain in intercourse, and difficulty reaching orgasm. Also, when one feels wrong about something, as a couple, who will reach orgasm if they can’t handle their partner’s penis?


We have addressed the question, of why your girlfriend feels loose. A woman’s intimate and sexual life is essential at all stages of her life. Suppose there is a problem that gets in the way of that.

In that case, you should treat it seriously and, above all, see it as a serious problem and not a mere aesthetic or whim of a woman.

A loose vagina is a common problem and should not be a reason to be ashamed or taboo for any woman.

When one treats cases like this naturally, they are easier to resolve since the psychological issues surrounding this whole issue are much more clarified.

Living a happy life is fundamental. Several issues go through, such as good sex life, feeling good about your own body, and being in full health conditions.

Many women suffer from feeling their vagina lose! The symptoms are lack of pleasure with the partner, low self-esteem, and not liking their vagina. Remember this and put yourself first for your physical and mental health.

This post has helped you know how to avoid having a loose vagina. Just ensure you follow the tips provided here. And also, refrain from practices that may lead you to have a loose vagina.

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